Katy Carr is a British singer – songwriter and self releases her albums. She has Polish roots and is a musician, aviator and multi instrumentalist (piano, ukulele, banjolele, vintage keyboardist). and tours with her band, ‘Katy Carr and The Aviators’.

Currently residing in the leafy district of Hampstead in London Town, Katy shares her home turf with many gifted artists, musicians and writers including George Orwell, Jacqueline du Pré, John Constable, John Keats, Edith Sitwell, Florence Nightingale and Boy George.

A D.I.Y musician, Katy has never signed her music to a major label and remains fiercely independent – rejoicing in her community of friends and fans who support her music from grass roots, punk and upwards. She cherishes the close connection with her audience and every encounter with her fans is considered a wonder of musical unification and a family affair.

For Katy, music is a lifeline and universe for sharing stories to bring about happiness, healing and revolution to those voices and histories of a past long since forgotten. Katy explores a gamut of untold stories in her songs from a palette of topics, themes and a deep library of material. Her songs are often like photographs frozen in a moment in time bringing the past into the contemporary – five seconds of an escape from Auschwitz for ‘Kazik’ could mean life or death…  ‘Kommander’s Car’

A fascination with Britain and Poland during the 1920’s and 30’s interwar period continues to bring much inspiration including an opportunity to learn the Polish language via singing songs of Syrena records.

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