World : Katy Carr 4/5 star review : 

Is it churlish to criticise an album for being too long? How long is a piece of art? But this Polish- British singer -songwriter crams so much into each song; historical narrative and a personal response to that narrative as well as an eclectic sonic palette – that perhaps this follow-up to the marginally better Paszport should have come with a built in interval so we could absorb and discuss what we’ve heard over a stiff drink before continuing.

For here are 16 compositions about forgotten or never before acknowledged Polish figures; a Polish: a mistress of Chaplin’s,  a female spy who inspired one of Fleming’s Bond girls and a WWII war hero to name but a few. It’s a jaunty effort full of charm and verve with a melancholy undertow.
Katy Carr 4 star review Independent