I am delighted to have performed on 26th May 2024 @ Atrium in the POSK for
Polish Heritage Days 2024 #PLHeritageDays #PolesInUK

I am sharing some photos from our wonderful event for Polish Heritage Days 26th May 2024 @ POSK London honouring the Polish soldiers at The Battle of Monte Cassino 1944 – this year marks the 80th Anniversary

Performing Motylek my song inspired by the Polish pilots of WWII
Poppies from Cassino area in Italy picked and pressed May 2024
Veterans featured in Katy Carr’s Czerwone Maki Na Monte Cassino Video.
Katy Carr performing songs inspired by the Polish Soldiers and their Victory on 18th May 1944 – dress is green, red and white giving a nod to the Italian flag and Siberian Cross.
RIBA Royal Institute of British Architects Architect Alexander Smaga and
WWII Polish Airman Marian Slomka
Images of the Polish WWII Veterans at the
Battle of Monte Cassino 80th Anniversary 18th May 2024
Group photo post concert with audience members who contributed to the event including Gosia Brady – Director of the Polish Saturday School in Bedford, Marian Slomka – Polish WWII Airman trained in PAF and joined RAF after WWII, RIBA Architect Alexander Smaga who opened the event with a great talk about his PAF Memorial in Normandy
With Kresy Family Management Committee Secretary: Irena Bojanowska at our event. Irena does a great job promoting the history of Polish survivors of Siberia in UK
From Left to right Katy Carr, Squadron Leader Simon J Haseltine, RAF (Retired), David Stark the recipient of a prestigious BASCA Gold Badge Award for services to the music industry, and author of It’s All Too Much with regards to his personal connection to The Beatles, Polish Airman Marian Sklomka.
With my brave friend from China who is working hard to fight for the freedom of Chinese citizens and human slaves of the Chinese Communist Party.
With the kind and compassionate Director Marek Laskiewicz and Alexander Smaga RIBA architect who are always so supportive of my music and events 🙂
Memorial reefs at the Polish Cemetery at Monte Cassino May 18th 2024.
With Polish Airman Marian Slomka now 99 years old –
Thanks you so much Pan Marian for attending our Polish Heritage Days event 🙂
The Mayor of Boston Michelle WU attended my concert in Cassino –
Coreno Ausonio 19th May 2024


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