Third LP in London singer/songwriter’s beguiling Polish roots trilogy – intensely melodic folk…

Thank you to the lovely Lucy O’Brien for her wonderful review of my album Providence which was reviewed in 2020 Christmas edition of Mojo Magazine. I am so proud to be in the magazine with Jack White as he also had a Polish mother, like me.

Katy Carr has been tracing her Polish heritage and her family’s World War II story since 2012’s grand compelling Paszport. With this final album in the trilogy, she explores themes of good versus evil, and the fight for freedom through intensely melodic folk, Renaissance stomp, touches of gospel and Cossack dance.

Co-produced with long term collaborator, Rupert Gillett, many songs are inspired by strong characters: like George Orwell in the looped Wurlitzer and dark drama of Hero to Zero, or Queen Wanda of Poland leading the Vandals in Miracle on the Vistula or a playful arch Queen Elizabeth I in The Virgin Queene. One of the most affecting tracks is Carr’s version of Peter Hammill’s Afterwards, her shimmering voice and Gillett’s gentle cello refashioned as a dedication to her Polish mother. Review by Lucy O’Brien.


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