Katy’s debut album ‘Screwing Lies’ chronicles the madness of sexual relations, from unrequited love to lonely hearts, how it feels to be ‘the cheat’ or ‘the cheated’. Songs of infidelity and murder, transvestism and female insanity sung in a soothing, intoxicating voice.

Impossible to classify. ‘Screwing Lies,’ eclectic influences take the listener on a journey from the repressed Victoriana of the title track to the trip-hop cheekiness of ‘Knickers’. A dark, folk-pop muse, carr believes in the power of stories. Traditional tales are updated ad subverted with voyeuriem taking a front seat. The meaning of each story is elliptical, always in sight yet tanatalisingly just out of reach.

Arrangements are carefully chosen to compliment each song without being overpowering. The sparce rich cello of ‘Black Widow’, the gallic concertina of ‘Screwing Lies’, john Edwards’ double bass that drives ‘Ramble My Rose’ a groove to make Pentangle proud, and ‘Moscow Child’s’ waltztime piano, Eastern European style.

Beautiful on the surface with a delicious dark centre, ‘Screwing Lies’ is an accomplished debut album from a fascinating new voice in the acoustic world. Katy Carr is a welcome anomaly.

  • Ramble My Rose
  • Push
  • Screwing Lies
  • Shine
  • Moscow Child
  • Black Widow
  • Knickers
  • Flower
  • Shark
  • Marmalade
  • Duke
  • Ramble My Rose

All songs written by Katy Carr

Produced by Katy Carr

Engineered by Jez Larder

Mastered by Martin Giles

Photography by Gina Birch of The Raincoats

Visual concept by Vit Hopley

Digital design by Oskar Vizan


Vocal, piano : Katy Carr

Cello : Shimrit Atad

Guitars, electric bass, drum machine : David Okuniew

Double Bass : John Edwards

Drums : Paul Soden

Concertina, bassoon, flutes : Robert Harbron

Violin : Erik Lieglersschmidt

Violin : Helen Davis

Viola : Brendan Lawless