Friday 12th April 2024 5pm: Katy Carr performs in Hamburg, Germany Teressa-Platz (corner of Leo-Leistikow-Allee/Uferstraße), Hamburg-Uhlenhorst  at the Inauguration of Teressa Square and memorial event for the children of slave laborers murdered in Hamburg. I am delighted to announce that I will be accompanied by my long time accordion musical collaborator Anja McCloskey who is now based in Hamburg, Germany. Many thanks to Margot Löhr who is organising the event and has inspired me to take part. 

The square is being dedicated to the memory of a child called Teresa (German – Teressa), daughter of Hanka Scira a Polish slave labourer in Germany in WWII who was stolen from Poland during WWII.  I will be singing lullablies in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and French (the Jean Jaques Goldman song called Comme Toi ) remembering all child victims of WWII.  When I sing these songs, I will also remember the 1 million children who have been stolen by Russia from Ukraine since Feb 2022 and pray for their safe return. 

During WWII children of forced laborers became victims of National Socialist racist persecution and exploitation. They died under inhumane conditions in forced labor camps, private accommodation and hospitals in Hamburg, Germany. Teressa Square was named after the child of the Polish forced laborer Hanka Scira. Teresa only lived for two days and represents all the children of forced laborers in Hamburg who died under National Socialism.The square is now to be publicly inaugurated at an event organized by the district assembly and the Teressa Square Initiative, in memory of the children and their mothers, as a reminder and at the same time as a sign of hope. The Hamburg-Nord district assembly is making it unmistakably clear that the district does not forget the victims of Nazi rule. Greetings and speeches are accompanied by music from British Polish singer Katy Carr . The neighbourhood also takes part in the celebration, which will end with space for exchange and get-together. Inauguration of Teressa Square and memorial event for the children of forced laborers killed in Hamburg Friday, April 12, 2024, 5 p.m Teressa-Platz (corner of Leo-Leistikow-Allee/Uferstraße), Hamburg-Uhlenhorst Background: It is known that at least 418 infants and small children of forced laborers died due to neglect and malnutrition in Hamburg hospitals, camps and accommodation.

Teressa Scira died just two days after her birth on December 25, 1943 in the Finkenau women’s clinic. Her mother, Hanka Scira, was deported from her native Poland and had to do forced labor in Hamburg. Children of mothers from Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus in particular died in Hamburg. In 2013, a small delegation from the “Four for Finkenau” construction project met with children of former forced laborers. They came to Hamburg at the city’s invitation and, among other things, visited their birthplace, the former Finkenau women’s clinic. The future residents of the neighboring property promised to keep the memory of the children of forced laborers alive.

More info here in German : https://www.hamburg.de/hamburg-nord/pressemitteilungen/18410930/einweihung-teressa-platz/#:~:text=Der%20Teressa%2DPlatz%20wurde%20nach,Hamburg%2C%20die%20im%20Nationalsozialismus%20starben


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