✨RIP KRYSTYNA GORYL (12/12/1947-12/03/2018) A little Katy taking her first drink 🥤in what was then Cold War Poland … a toast to my mamusia kochana mama RIP 🙏 who passed away on 12th March 2018 – … my strong mountain highlander Goralka mother Krystyna from #bielskobiala gave me #Poland and risked everything so that I could be born in #freedom in the West … In the picture, you will see from left to right Katy my Ciocia (auntie) Magda, (Ciocia Wanda’s Daughter), Uncle Wujek Andrzej (Ciocia Wanda’s Son RIP),  Wujek Stasiek (Ciocia Wanda’s Husband RIP) my mother Krystyna RIP ,  Ciocia Wanda  (My Polish Grandmother Joanna’s sister RIP) #polishmum #mamusia #herstory #freespirit     


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