I was delighted to be interviewed by Max Reinhardt on his Late Lunch Show (11/12/2020) The interview was excellent and I am delighted that I was invited to his fantastic music show. We covered many topics including my musical inspirations for my album ‘Providence’ released 30th Oct 2020. Tracks played are Ewa Demarczyk, Hanka Ordonowna and I performed 2 live tracks from my most recent album.

Description from Max….

On this show you’ll hear Katy Carr performing tracks from her recent album Providence with cellist and musical director Rupert Gillett. Max discusses with Katy her influences for the album. and she chooses her favourite songs from musical influences from Poland, including songs from Ewa Demarczyk and Hanka Ordonowna. Katy also talks about her plans to release a record in 2021 dedicated to the Polish Jewish composers of the 1930’s.

Want to listen to the interview ? Click* and share* this link below

Interview with Katy starts at 33 mins into the show and last over 1 hour


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