💕 May has been a lovely month and a wonderful time to share precious moments with you all. I loved performing especially at the Polish Heritage Days event in Bedford in cooperation with the Polish British Integration Centre – Thank you so much to the Brady family Malgosia and Zofia, Lucyna Ratajczyk and to everybody who brought the event together. The event was a great success and everybody had a wonderful time listening to the great bands and the celebration of British Polish friendship 🙂 photos used with kind permission by PBIC and Ela Walenola Photography💕

During my concerts I always talk to the audience about the inspiration for my songs – for Polish Heritage Days this year I focussed on sharing the songs I have written which involve British – Polish friendship especially connected with Enigma – my song ‘Bomba’ which is inspired by the first machine designed by Polish mathematicians in the 1930s to decipher the Enigma codes which in turn helped the Allied forces tremendously shortening the duration of WWII.

❤️ BIG THANK YOU TO :  ❤️ the lovely Zofia and Malgosia Brady – THANK YOU SO MUCH for a great event !

I had some lovely audience comments from the concert @pbic_bedford – thankyou so much everybody for coming #polishheritagedays #british #polish #friendship – thank you so much lovely audience !

It was lovely to dance the mazurka a bit too!

I could see the lovely audience and my beautiful friends – special shout out to Susan Burghart my album designer, Dan Guz and Julita, Bartosz Romanek and Krystyna Syczewska.

Lovely to sing for the audience with my friends !

It was a delight to celebrate and perform at the King Charles III Coronation Party in Hampstead, London and to judge the delicious cake competition – favourite cake below 🙂 And I wanted to say a huge congratulations to my friends Maciek ‘O Shea (who was in my music video for Wojtek watch here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1uEn7dvne8 ) for his performance at the Coronation as part of the male voice choir and to Roxanna Panufnik for her incredible Sanctus at the most holiest part of the ceremony. I am so very proud of them and for their British Polish roots !! 


 I’m delighted to announce that I’ve have started my ‘Śpiewamy historię (We Sing Our History)’ workshops which are currently designed for Polish Saturday School children in the UK in cooperation with the Polish Educational Society Polska Macierz Szkolna in UK https://polskamacierz.org/pl/warsztaty-muzyczne-spiewamy-historie/.  The main mission is to help the students learn to integrate through shared history and culture through song learning and discussion. Songs include Katy Carr’s  ‘Wojtek the Soldier Bear’  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1uEn7dvne8 . The legacy of the workshops is leading to the commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino 1944-2024. Here are some photos from the May workshops in Birmingham and Bedford Polish Saturday Schools. 

Polish history education hugely suffered tremendously over WWII and the Cold War era of 20th Century, as the totalitarian communist and fascist regimes reinvented, annihilated and eradicated Poland’s history to minimalise any kind of memory or patriotism or love of Poland. It is a real shame that there is still a gap in history learning in Poland and i am hoping that my project can pave the way to create a bridge of learning. It is my dream that students across Poland and Polish diaspora worldwide have the opportunity to become excited by their own history and reconnect with their roots. Singing is a great way to connect everyone together and it is so important for the future generations – as Marcus Garvey famously wrote:“A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”.

During the workshops I introduce the students to a fresh approach to historylearning where we learn the background to my songs in the workshops and through colouring in my song artwork designed by the wonderful Susan Burghart the students can come closer to the topic – below are two of the songs Motylek meaning Butterfly inspired by the Polish Pilots of WWII and Wojtek the Soldier Bear both songs are off my album Paszport. I am in the process of collating all my work experience to write a book inspired by these events.  

Below I am singing in the classroom below to the Polish Saturday School students in Birmingham as they sing my song Wojtek the Soldier Bear. Post Covid I am finding that performing to all audiences is just pure joy ! I love music and I love my job!

💕Other fun moments 💕 With the lovely Polish Saturday school teachers in Birmingham – massive thank you to everybody for making the workshop so much fun and especially Aleksandra Cyglicka the Headteacher who organised the workshop event venue. Here Aleksandra is pictured with her adorable, white doggy❤️❤️❤️ 

 Getting serious with Bozena Karol ❤️ at the University Women’s Club, London as we resume our research! So much to study- so little time! #learning#research#writer@universitywomensclubLook who I bumped into #today, the wonderful @davidstark9611#author of #thebeatles book IT’S ALL TOO MUCH – Adventures of a Teenage Beatles Fan in the ’60s and Beyond – so lovely to see you David Stark! ❤️ #hampstead🎵🎵🎶🥰

Thank you Bartosz Romanek and Krystyna Syczewska for your support:) 

With the beautiful Julita and Dan Guz

Dan Guz was featured in my music video Paszport – thank you for everything you are doing for Ukraine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ospg6HCZKKI 

✨ WE REMEMBER✨ ✨TINA TURNER✨Rest in Peace ✨Thank you for all your beautiful singing, joy, music and love ✨ you will always be #simplythebest✨ may the angels guide you safely on ✨✨✨#tinaturner#wewillmissyou#music#legend

 ✨WITOLD PILECKI ✨Witold Pilecki was a Polish World War II cavalry officer, intelligence agent, resistance leader and Polish Military Professional 🇵🇱 and wrote the first report on the atrocities of #AuschwitzBorn on 13th May 1901, Olonets he was murdered: 25 May 1948, Mokotów Prison, Warsaw, Poland 75 years ago by communist authorities in a totalitarian communist state kangaroo trial. On 25th May #weremember ‘ The International Day of the Anti Totalitarian (Fascism & Communism) Freedom Fighters ‘.

 ✨BATTLE OF MONTE CASSINO #OTD 18th May 1944 the Polish Victory commandeered by #GeneralAnders at The Battle of Monte Cassino secured an Allied Victory in the Italiand Campaign. #weremember the 240000 Allied soldiers who fought at the Battle of Monte Cassino and their bravery. What is remarkable is that nearly every Polish soldier who fought at the battle fighting for ‘Our Freedom and Yours’ had survived Russia’s brutal concentration camp system of over 3000 Gulags I’m sharing the song Czerwone maki na Monte Cassino which still stands as an anthem in Poland to remember the brave who fought at The Battle of Monte Cassino and the Polish victory #OTD 18th May 1944 . Watch my performance of the song here :- https://youtu.be/wXL_piCBiac?t=1609

🎶WORKSHOPS🎶I’m delighted to announce my workshop series ‘We Sing Our History’ – ,Śpiewamy historię’ for Polish Saturday Schools across the UK in cooperation with the Polish Educational Society which celebrates its 70th year anniversary this year. I’m excited to share my songs and help the students to learn the importance of Polish lyrics in the songs and their meanings, as well as learning my own songs which highlight the Polish cooporation towards World Peace and the allied offensive in world war two #WWII#education#history#historymatters For bookings email me and see the posters below 

 Szanowni Państwo,Serdecznie zapraszamy na wyjątkowe wydarzenie! Polska Macierz Szkolna wrazz Katy Carr organizuje warsztaty muzyczne dla dzieci i młodzieży „Śpiewamy historię”.Podczas zajęć dzieci nauczą się polskich piosenek, a także poznają historię ich powstaniai związane z nimi wydarzenia historyczne.Wspólnie z artystką dzieci będą śpiewały piosenki, bawiąc i ucząc się jednocześnie.Zajęcia odbędą w języku polskim, z możliwością tłumaczenia na język angielski.Warsztaty będą składały się z dwóch sesji po 45 minut każda,  jedna dla młodszych dzieci i jedna dla starszych.Koszt warsztatów to 250 funtów od szkoły plus koszty dojazdu.  W załączniku przesyłamy plakat promujący wydarzenie.Z pozdrowieniami,Magdalena SynowiecExamination Officer
Polska Macierz Szkolna

Solidarni z Ukrainą

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❤️ STAY SAFE AND STRONG ❤️💕Thank you for your continuing support of my music💕Keep in touch ! Lots of love to you and your family i pozdrawam serdecznie✸✸✸✸✸ Katy Carr and the Aviators ✸✸✸✸✸❤️❤️❤️


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