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This month has unleashed a desperate and horrific state of affairs for our European sisters and brothers in Ukraine🇺🇦 All our prayers go to every family and loved one in and out of the warzone and we pray for everyone’s safety🇺🇦

In reaction to this month’s events we have a special ✥Youtube PREMIERE 1ST MARCH 7PM ✥ featuring Katy Carr and Rupert Gillett performingthe very beautiful Polish Ukrainian folk song Hej, Sokoły, Ukrainian: Гей, соколи, proper title Żal za Ukrainą (Longing for Ukraine).


We recorded the song for my 6th album Providence and I’m sharing it with you tomorrow 1st March at 7pm GMT – so 1pm Central time and 20:00 Polish / Ukrainian time. The lyrics are so beautiful. you are all invited – here is the link to the performance premier on youtube  : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R3Do75kTVY

Enjoy the performance : lyrics below (Artwork design above and below by Susan Burghart Illustration used kindly with permission – thank you so much Susan xxx )

✸✸✸✸✸ MUSIC NEWS ✸✸✸✸✸

Katy Carr will be performing at the Katyn Memorial (Gunnersbury) 13:00 on 3rd April in London. All welcome to honor and respect those 25000 Polish Officers murdered by the Soviets in 1940. Organised by Koło Myśli Niezależnej and Komitet Obrony Polski. 

 Earlier this month I shared my dedication to the wonderful Ukrainian TV series Love in Chains (Zniewolona) about slavery in Ukraine during 19th Century. Below I am wearing my Polish grandma’s headscarf – a little bit like the film paying homage to the great film production team and writers in Ukraine. (It was – 7 degrees centugrade at the time !) 

This month I spent 3 weeks in Krakow and went to some very interesting events below are lives links to my posts…

✸My walk around the Polish Home Army exhibition in Krakow on plac Szczepański which was installed by the Institute of National Remembrance Instytut Pamięci Narodowej – to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the Polish Home Army which began on 14th Feb 1942. I try to translate as much as I can in my broken Polish reading ability so apologies if it’s a bit general. This is a great exhibition and my only criticism is that Polish institutions need to always translate Polish history into English so that people of non Polish speaking/ reading backgrounds can also understand why it is important to remember Polish Allied Freedom Fighters #lestweforget #WEREMEMBER https://www.facebook.com/662581501/videos/662181008535777 ✸

✸Taking a walk through Krakow town centre I’m so happy to share this moment with you ❤️❤️❤️🥰🇵🇱🇬🇧  https://fb.watch/bsZMWd11Fm/

✸Krakow Szopka Nativity exhibition  https://www.facebook.com/KatyCarr1940/videos/645301423248840 ✸


 ✸At the Dublin Castle, Camden Town https://www.facebook.com/662581501/videos/979812895974266 ✸

✸ At Pogue traders gig Dublin Castle Camden – all pogue songs performed by the Pogues musicians ! 😎with Shanne Bradley https://www.facebook.com/662581501/videos/1057970011453445 ✸

✸Watching my musical 🎵 hero Peter Hammill performing Man-erg at London Palladium 24th Feb I’ve been a fan of Van Der Graaf Generator since I was a teenager this was an incredible performance and I was so honoured to cover his song afterwards on my last album Providence and have his seal of approval xxx A Brilliant brilliant gig https://www.facebook.com/662581501/videos/376025864524094 ✸✸A big thank you to Phil at the Van Der Graaf Generator website for a lovely website addition  http://www.vandergraafgenerator.co.uk/vdgg_london240222.htm ✸ ‘How can I be free? How can I get help? Am I really me? Am I someone else?’ Peter Hammill

✸Thinking about all our families in Ukraine 🇺🇦 sending love ❤️ to you all xxx ✸



We Remember Pamiętamy the 80th anniversary of the Polish Home Army Armia Krajowa and all the very brave people that fought for ‘Our Freedom and Yours’ – The Polish Home Army was the largest Underground resistance movement in World War II and yet it has been pretty much deleted from history by western history books due to the communist regime in the Cold War post 1946 when Poland which was the only Allied nation and the third largest Allied military coalition force after US and UK at end of WWII which Was slammed behind the Iron Curtain and became a satellite state of the Soviet Union. Lest We Forget 


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