Thank you so much to the Midi Music Company and team for providing a gig platform to perform Miracle on the Vistula – a track from my 6th studio album Providence. Ola Torch introduced the song impeccably and I loved the detailed historical overview. I performed the song with cellist and musician Rupert Gillett.

The original launch of the video happened at the time of the inauguration ceremony of the President of the US, interesting as this song highlights the decisive Polish victory against the Bolsheviks in the Battle of Warsaw in 1920. The Poles won and stopped the progression of the Bolsheviks into Western Europe only to be defeated 20 years later after the Hitler – Stalin Pact which brought about slavery of the Polish nation during WWII.

CICAS® Sessions featuring Katy Carr and introduced by Ola Torch

Katy Carr is a London-based British singer, songwriter, recording artist, performer and aviator. Katy has been journeying to rediscover the land of her mother’s birth, Poland – learning the language and rich, diverse history. Underlying this has been her personal quest to understand her own family’s inter-generational trauma from the WWII experience. Katy’s single ‘Miracle on the Vistula,’ is named after a decisive Polish victory during the Polish–Soviet War of 1919-1921. Her sixth studio album ‘Providence’ was inspired by a dream sequence that the award-winning singer songwriter remembers upon waking. The album creates the final chapter in her Polish roots rediscovery trilogy, exploring themes around water, good versus evil, fighting for freedom and love & death.

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