Besides Katy Carr’s earliest Deluce records Screwing Lies and Passion Play from 2002 and 2003, the advances in her songwriting on Providence are such that it’s hard to believe she is the same woman, or musician, I spoke and listened to way back then.

The common link is her beautifully knotty attitude. Arguably, what changed her so radically was immersing herself in Poland’s history and culture, to the extent of learning to speak Polish, which have Polish mother reneged on

Carr has made it her mission to teach that Poland’s history is far more like a Foustian- pact, Yeatman and Stellar- like 1939 And All That. Allied with Lithuania, Poland, helped rescue Christendom from Ottoman conquest outside besieged Vienna.

Here, her Miracle on the Vistula celebrates the Polish victory in 1920 over the Bolsheviks in the very messy Polish-Soviet war or plain old Bolshevik War (wojna bolszewicka) of 1919-21. This highly symbolic victory is remembered each year, the way Britain does the Battle of Britain.

Given Poland’s role in stifling Ukraine’s budding sovereignty. The Polish legions’ song from the same struggle in Ukraine, Hej Sokol – (‘Hey there Falcons’ ) probably has less rosy associations for Ukrainians. The Ladies’ Pond or reflection on Hampstead Heath’s ladies’ pond is balancing lighter subject matter. To be blunt, only the bleeding obvious Queen of the Iceni tale Boadicea leaves me stone cold.


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