Thank you so much to long term supporter and champion of my music Peter Coulston at his RealMusik Radio show on Shoreditch Radio. Peter has been playing my music on his radio show at Shoreditch Radio and has been championing my music for over a decade since the release of my album Coquette in 2009.

Below find the shows I was on and the comments Peter has made about my music. Peter has made Providence am ‘ALBUM OF INTEREST’ on his RealMusik Radio show this month. Really appreciate it 🙂

THANK YOU SO MUCH PETER! A track from my album is being played everyweek.

The RealMusik Radio Show on Friday 27 November 2020 at 2pm.

Where we are, where we’re going.


Bethy-Honey Bee

Alien Feeling-Scream

Laura Victoria-Since I Got My Heart Broke

Healthy Junkies-En Route to San Diego

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-Last Man Standing

Katy Carr-Boadicea

7t2-The Power (Tareq Remix)

Coldharbourstores-Big Deal


Jack Cheshire-Widescreen

The Besnard Lakes-Raindrops

borts-The Nurse

Jeen-Lucky Day

Bill Callahan & Bonne “Prince” Billy-Wish You Were Gay

DZ Deathrays-Fired Up

Quiet Marauder-All the Animals Are Spying On Me

Arborist-A Heart in Minor


Attic Theory-Cold Heart Reality

Shader-Don’t You (Forget About Me)

Beth Nielsen Chapman-Please Tell Santa Claus

Anna Krantz-Trouble With Suzie

Dead Reynolds-Voices


Gravity Machine-Standing Stones

Jessica Wilde-Play God

The RealMusik Radio Show on Friday 20 November 2020 at 2pm.

Where we are, where we’re going.


Mick Wynne-Twin Flames

Kevee Lynch-I Don’t Like You

Brosnan-Being Alone


Foxer-The Cult of Perfection

Nicky Rubin-Invisible

Spider King Mike-Hollow Man

Dream Aria-Out of the Void

Emily White-Every Breath You Take

Rosehip Teahouse-I Mean’t What I Said

HMS Morris-Mypyrwyr Rhyngwladol

Elles Bailey-Wild Wlid West

Future Palace-Lately

Healthy Junkies-Halloween in LA

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-Janey Needs a Shooter

Katy Carr-Hej Sokoly

Laura Victoria-I Always Knew You’d Come Back

Paul K-Anandamide

Tungsten-King of Shadows

Anthony Moore-Stitch in Time

Hannah’s Little Sister-Gum

Collapse Under the Empire-Everything We Will Leave Beyond Us

Jessica Lynn-It’s Just Not Christmas

Rothwell-Not In Love

Omonoko-Weight in Gold

Benbo & Michelle Bee-Room in a Box

12 Limbs-Memoir

The RealMusik Radio Show on Friday 13 November 2020 at 2pm.


Katy Carr. That’s who we just heard. And another track from her Providence album, which came out a few weeks ago. One of Katy’s own songs, this one is Miracle on theVistula. It’s edgy and driving lots of nice cello and stuff going on. And very lead by Katy’s vocals it is about Poland as far as I can gather. But yeah, I’m sure if you get the album and you there will be lots of notes to tell you all about it, but a very, very fine track once again, from Album of Interest Providence from the lovely Katy Carr. 

Where we are, where we’re going.


Childhood Sweetheart-Honey

To Kill Achilles-21.36


Tony Waddington-Do You Dream in Colour


Nine Lies-Blind

Geisterhaus-The Garden

Dope Body-Jer Bang

Two Weeks in Nashville-All About Now

Emiko-Man in the Ivory Tower

In Earnest-29

MTRSS-Cali High

Laura Victoria-My Lagan Love

Healthy Junkies-Transportation to Nowhere

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-Burnin’ Train

Katy Carr-Miracle on the Vistula (at around 1 hour 9 mins)

Leah Weller-Strangers


David Guez-The Haze


Pavilion-Haunted (Some of the Time)

Helen Love-Debbie Take Control

Seba Kaapstad-Konke

Sugarcane-Midland Girls

The Institutes-All That You’ll Ever Know

Leena Punks-Hestia

Standing Like Statues-Stupid Love

The RealMusik Radio Show on Friday 6 November 2020 at 2pm.


Where we are, where we’re going.

QUOTE about Afterwards

‘A beautiful bit of pure folk from Katy Carr, yeah this is actually the sort of stuff she used to do when I first knew her, before she expanded out into all her different instruments, and getting into the First World War genre and then the Polish and mixing all of them up. Looking forward to the rest of this album, but this is the second track actually ‘Afterwards’ It’s called it’s written by a well known English singer-songwriter Peter Hamill. And it comes from her Providence album which is the album of interest is her sixth and came out a week or two back. Yeah. The ukulele undoubtedly, played by Katy Carr herself and some nice cello, at least I think it’s a cello. It sounds pretty deep actually going on in the background there Yeah, a lovely track quite different than the one we played last week from Katy Carr Afterwards, from album of interest, Providence. ‘


B-Fax-Path to More

James Ethington III-Becca

Toby & Pip-If You Need to Go

Gon Von Zola-Cinderella

Graham J-Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You

Gravity Machine-Lifting Mountains

Laura Victoria-I’m Believing Now

Healthy Junkies-Beat.Box LA

Bruce Springsteen-One Minute You’re Here

Katy Carr-Afterwards by Peter Hammill (in at 33.15)

Jens Kuross-Golden Septembers


The Silence-Tsumi to Warai

Fergus-Enough For You

Jealous of the Birds-Something Holy

William the Conqueror-Wake Up

Bitch Falcon-Martyr

Ultraista-Ordinary Boy

Annie Balmori-Requiem

Short Sharp Scratch-Do You Like It

The Plastic Pals-More Than an Icon

Oscar Mic-Get Yours

HMS Morris-Partypooper

Tryzdin-A New Way

Luke Concannon-Your Heart is in My Chest

Calling All Astronauts-The Holy Trinity

Lena Anderson-Aimee

Grace Solero-Lucid Dream

The RealMusik Radio Show on Friday 30 October 2020 at 2pm.


Where we are, where we’re going.

Quote about Katy’s Music by Peter Coulston

We got a brand new album from a lady that I have certainly supported her previous albums and this one will probably is almost certainly going to be an album of interest as well. A very edgy piece to start us off from Katy Carr. This is from a Providence album, which actually comes out today (30th October 2020). It’s the opening track HERO TO ZERO. She is of course a UK based singer songwriter. Once sort of went through the folky side and come up with some very different things. She did an album called Coquette, which I which I played quite a lot, which was sort of based around the London in the Second World War, and then she’s gone back to her Polish roots with several other albums, and this is the latest – you can hear the Polish folk music influence in there, i love the dramatic cello. It’s very edgy. And it’s very good HERO TO ZERO, from the Providence. The new album from Katy Carr…


Dope Body-Curve

Alex the Astronaut-I Think You’re Great

Jack Francis-A Little Love


Hannah Georgas-That Emotion

Zilla With Her Eyes Shut-Rainbow

Fish-This Party’s Over

Evangeline Gentle-Drop My Name



Apeman Spaceman-Truth is a Thing of the Past

Leisure-Lonely Nights

Model Society-Are You For Real

Harrison Scarecrow-Everyone With Someone

Elaine Palmer-Go

Bob Harris All Stars-Stand By Me

Katy Carr-Hero to Zero (comes in at around 1hour 15 mins)

Stepford Wives-Living in the Shadows

Dez Dare-Monkey Monkey


Christopher Taylor-We Are Won

The Amber Bugs-Means Motive Opportunity

The Mojo Slide-Good Man Down


Bassically-Prepare For It

Single By Sunday-House Party

Big Baby-Talk About Us

Days Indoors-For You


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