Dear All ,  – I am happy to say that I am well on the way to completing my fourth album. I spent the day with Jez Coad and Nigel of Bermondsey  my music producer- who wrote a lovely blog about the day here nigelofbermondsey Diary/Entries/2012/1/16_Attending_A_Mix_With_Katy.html
I am nearly ready to master the record and will account to you day by day about my activities from now on to let you know what i have been up to…. I have been hugely by Nigel Of Bermondsey’s attitude of writing a Diary blog every day and this is where this idea comes from.
Hope you had fun today – tell me how you have done by posting a comment if you like  x xKaty
Jez Coad in the studio with Katy Carr


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