very wise words about finding peace in your life from the wonderful Yoga Seane Corn—
‘Ignore the story and see the soul and remember to love you will never regret it.’
‘Remember not to get caught up in the story or personality of a human being and to look deeper into their soul’s journey and to remember that all beings are doing what they can with what the know, opening their hearts to learning what love, and truth and God is, and each person will do it in their own way and in their own time and therefore in God’s time.’
‘Angels show up in very peculiar ways – and in my experience in Yoga after all these years is that every single moment conspires to evolve your soul and open your heart and not to be so arrogant that you miss the messengers just because they don’t look the way you think that they are supposed to look. Yoga taught me what it is to love and that we are all one.’
> great interview with Seane


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