Both Hannah Lovell and myself Katy Carr are very honoured that our film Kazik and the Kommander’s Car had a Screening at The Branchage Film Festival Jersey on 25th Sept 2011. Details below about our film- Jersey is a potent place to screen our documentary as many Polish refugees of World War 11 found themselves there during and after the war.

Synopsis of Kazik and the Kommander’s Car film…..
On June 20th 1942, Kazik Piechowski, then a Polish boy scout, and three other prisoners, disguised themselves as SS officers, and escaped from Auschwitz in the Kommander’s car. This short documentary follows the songwriter Katy Carr’s visit to Poland in August 2009 to meet Kazik, now 90, and play him her song ‘Kommander’s Car’, a tribute to his do-or-die escape. Through Kazik’s strong and moving response to Katy’s song, we have a direct window into his memory and experience of the last 80 metres of his escape, where he and the other prisoners have driven to the outside checkpoint of Auschwitz, and all their lives depend upon five seconds of Kazik’s daring and inspiration…

SHORTS 6: WARZONES (cert 15)

Run time: 115

Conflict is happening around the world at any given time, and this selection of drama and documentary highlights issues in Iraq and Israel, while looking to terrifying wars fortunately long finished, from the Spanish Civil War to the Second World War.
3 HOURS (Regan Hall, 14 min, UK)
CHECKPOINT (Ruben Amar, 18 min, France)
HAKOL ZOREM (Amos Holzman, 21 min, Israel)
HEILIG (Steven Hatton, 17 min, UK)

KAZIK AND THE KOMMANDER’S CAR (Hannah Lovell, 23 min, UK)

WARDANCE (Ed Edwards, 3 min, UK)
N.B. films are listed in alphabetical order


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