My lovely friend Greta Newton is campaigning to save her local Post Office in Rocky Ford, a small town in Screven County, Georgia, United States. Originally opened in 1869, Rocky Ford’s Post Office is among the 45 post office locations in Georgia on a list released by the United States Postal Service that are being evaluated for possible closure. A total of 3,700 post offices across the USA also face threat of closure.
As Greta was explaining to me, the Rocky Ford Post Office is more than a place to send mail. It is a centre for Rocky Ford’s community. People of all ages meet there and keep in touch with each other as well as the outside world. It would take a journey of over 18 miles by car to send mail if their post office closes which would be upsetting for a community where the main population is over 70 years of age.
The closing of the Rocky Ford Post office would threaten the happiness of a community deeply ingrained with a sense of pride of place and also shatter links to the heritage of local history. For more information please visit


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