Dear midsummer lovers,

Thankyou for all your kind messages of support with regards the last Katy Carr and the Aviators, ‘Escapologist Tour.’   The band promises to bring you more interesting performances and events as we approach June 2012 which marks the 70th year Anniversary of Kazik Piechowski’s escape. For the remainder of 2011, I am currently in the process of various projects including the recording a new album, supporting The Great British Barbershop Boys on their infamous 2011 UK tour as well as loving my various concerts and performances. In fact my new album is directly inspired by the time Kazik spent in the Polish Partisans and Polish Home Army after his escape. Kazik shared so many stories with me that I found it a wealth of inspiration and could not continue my creative path without responding to his knowledge in the form of song. So I have written 12 songs and some are entirely in Polish and some are a mixture of English and Polish. Expect to hear this in early 2012…..
I have really enjoyed July 2011 having performed in the most beautiful 1930s Art Deco Cinema called the Plaza in Stockport. I remember the stunning yellow silk curtain and the embroidered poppies – well worth a visit! July also saw concerts at the Polish ARTeria exhibition hosted by the Polish newspaper, Nowy Czas. Here Kristian Data had chosen a selection of Polish musicians working in London and had taken pictures of them without their musical instruments and then exhibited them together with a musical concert in Borough. It was a great happening please see my picture which was exhibited below….

ARTeria exhibition photo of Katy Carr taken by Kristian Data, London June 2011

The weekend of the 23rd July saw me playing at the burning Wickerman festival in Dundrennan Scotland. I LOVE SCOTLAND AND THE SCOTTISH PEOPLE & THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR LOOKING AFTER ME! This festival was truly remarkable and surrounded by the most stunning of Scottish countryside. On the last night a burning ritual took place which everybody should experience once in their lives – and especially those of you who love the original ‘Wickerman’ film!
Another performance that I remember with affection was playing to travelers at Kings Cross St. Pancras International outside the Eurostar terminal as part of the Station Sessions festival. I remember singing to the roof of St. Pancras which is amazing….

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Sunday, 14 August : – Katy Carr and the Aviators perform at The Wilderness Festival part of the London Folk Guild

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so i hope to see you around and pop in and say hi if you are at a festival —–!!! much love to you all and have a LOVELY summer xxxxxxxx kc

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