A big BIG thankyou to all of you who supported our tour – i am very happy to say that in the next 4 weeks we will be publicly publishing our findings and discussing various events and links that we have made for consequent music and art projects we are putting forward for 2012 with regards commemorating Kazik Piechowski’s 70th Anniversary of his escape from Auschwitz concentration camp on 20th June 2012 …. so watch this space BIG LOVE TO YOU ALL – KNOW THAT YOU ARE OUR INSPIRATION AND WE COULDN’T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU XXXXXXXXXX Katy Carr and the Aviators – Katy Carr, Hannah Lovell, Francesca Ter-Berg, Flora Curzon, Camilo Tirado and our special helpers Sophie Cammack and POLSKA
we love poland katy carr and the aviators


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