an outstanding mixture of Polish and British blood

Katy Carr. Ile w niej polskości, a ile brytyjskości?
I was very excited to be asked by Nowy Czas to take part in a photoshoot for the Polish Arteria project. I have always been keen to extend my artistic contacts within the Polish community here in the United Kingdom and so to work with and meet new photographers, artists and musicians from Polish decent was a great thrill.

Studio is not all about work and photos. It is also a place where new friendship are made

I would firstly like to give you some background as to why I was chosen to take part in this Polish project. My love of Poland and the Poles comes directly from my own blood. My mother, Krystyna is Polish and comes from the town of Bielsko-Biala located at the foothills of the Beskid mountains in Southwest Poland. Therefore I am fifty per cent Polish! I have been intent on learning as much as I can with regards Polish history in the last few years with a direct view to sharing it with the British public.
The Arteria photoshoot had three phases for me. Phase one was where I was invited to meet Krystian Data the principle photographer who would conduct the session. This gave me a chance to meet Krystian who was very kind and lovely to me and also see the studio space in which i would have the shoot and gain some idea as how I might use it for my session. There was a lot of nice Polish ham on the table and so i did take the liberty if chewing a few delicious sandwiches before I left. I met the very beautiful Monika Lidke and we swapped music.

We were amazed with a huge variety of Kasia’s stage outfits

Phase two was preparing for the Arteria photoshoot at home. I was keen to use as many Polish and British references as I could to signify my hybrid blood decent so packed flags, my Polish Krakow folk costume carefully prepared by my mother amongst shoes and clothes.
On the day of the photoshoot, phase three, I arrived at the Deptford photo studio to be greeted by Krystian, photographer and Jola who would do my hair and makeup. Laughter and happiness filled the studio and I immediately felt very welcome. After some chat I changed into a red and white 1940s jumpsuit. I thought that my costume would signify the colours of the Polish flag and in addition I addressed holding both the British and Polish flags behind me so I held the flags in various positions.

Backstage is never visible on a final “product” – here you can get the sneak peak

The second costume I wore had great significance to me. It was an antique Polish cream dress, that i was given from Raya Herzig, a Polish artist who had survived Auschwitz concentration camp. Delicate hearts in true Polish folk Tatra mountain style had been carefully crocheted into the cotton fabric. With various accessories including Polish folklore beads and an Armia Krajowa and a Polish Home Army arm band which i had appropriated with my initials KC in black beading, I stood up for photos.
I then lay down on the floor facedown and had members of Krystian’s team including photographer Rafal Pikul balancing my cardboard Spitfire airplane cutouts that I use for my concerts above my head giving interesting effect. The third and last costume was my Polish folk costume. I wanted to have my hair plaited but had no hair extensions so we tied a red ribbon into the hair braiding. I swirled around as instructed by Krystian and the movement and the colours of the costume were captured accordingly.
After the shoot we had a few shots of vodka which went down very well. To sum up we all had a great day and we all thoroughly enjoyed this Arteria photoshoot. The crew involved acted with utmost poise and elegance and I look forward to more collaborations with Polish artists in the future.
Big thanks for involving me and best wishes for the future of Arteria!
Lots of love Katy Carr xxxxxxxxxxxx.’
All photos by Monika S. Jakubowska
Foreword by Ola Junga

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She likes to be called Kasia

The exhibition is just round the corner. Do you remember it’s on 15th July, private view and jam session in which all photographed musicians will participate. Krystian and Arteria’s teams are doing their best to prepare a real feast for your eyes, ears and souls. So right now write the evening into your diaries. Just remember it’s only two more weeks to go!
And today especially for you:
Alicja Śmietana. Would you like to see the violin she uses to produce those magical sounds?
Ola Kwaśniewska. Why a cat should be telling stories on the importance of music?
Katy Carr. How many elements within her are Polish and how many of them are British?

A violinist was here for sure…

Wystawa zbliża się wielkimi krokami. Pamiętacie, że to już 15.07. wernisaż oraz jamm session w kryptach kościoła St George the Martyr na Borough, w której udział weźmie większość sfotografowanych muzyków? Ekipa Krystiana i team ARTerii dają z siebie wszystko, żeby było czym nacieszyć oko, ucho i duszę. Wpisujcie więc ten wieczór już teraz do swojego kalendarza. I pamiętajcie to już za dwa tygodnie!

Krystian in his studio acts like a film director – you simply cannot disobey him!

Krystian’s session was indeed a lot of fun. It is rare to find such a likable and professional team working together up to everybodys expectations. All of it made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I appreciated the fact that everybody was trying their best and knew that it is the personality of an artists that matters the most. A lot of fun!

How many photographers can a studio hold? – That is the question…

Sesja Krystiana była wspaniałą zabawą. Rzadko kiedy znaleźć można tak sympatyczną i profesjonalną ekipę, taką która nie tylko potrafi sprostać oczekiwaniom, ale i je przewyższa. Wszystko to sprawiło, że czułam się w studio swobodnie i bardzo zrelaksowana. Doceniam też fakt, że ekipa starała się pokazać to co najważniejsze: charakter i osobowość artysty.
– Your music reminds me of a blanket, you can cuddle into it…It’s cosy.. – said Krystian over the phone

It wasn’t easy in the beginning to keep the cat where Ola wanted him to

‘Of a cat?’ – I asked, as I understood it this way [Polish blanket: koc and cat: kot are very similar in sound] and being a cat lover, I would be more to happy to hear that.
As a result of this conversation, my photo session involved a cat called Oscar and.. Krystian’s blanket :) . When I was sitting on the chair and Jola was preparing my hair, I sighted: ‘I feel so good…’ and I wished I could stay longer on that chair… Krystian was very easy and great to work with. I really can’t wait to see the results of the session because I’m a big fan of Krystian’s Photography.

So calm and easy-going lady

During the session we could taste some of the Polish delicious snacks – veggie salad or traditional lard – yummy! Cat Oscar was very patient and he bravely endured until the end of the session – my cat allergy unfortunately did less ;) . It was a very pleasant day and I really hope I can work with those highly talented people again in the future!
– ‘Twoja muzyka kojarzy mi się z Kocem, w który można się wtulić.. Jest przytulna..’ – powiedział Krystian przez telefon.
– ‘Z Kotem?’ – zapytałam, bo tak zrozumiałam..a kochając Koty, byłoby mi bardzo milo to usłyszeć.
W rezultacie tejże rozmowy moja sesja odbyła się z kotem Oscarem oraz… kocem Krystiana :) . U Joli na krzesełku było mi bardzo dobrze – mogłabym tam pozostać dużo, dużo dłużej ;)
‘Ale mi dobrze…’ wzdychałam, kiedy Jola zajmowała się moimi włosami. Z Krystianem pracowało się bardzo swobodnie i miło.. Jestem bardzo ciekawa efektów tej pracy, bo uwielbiam jego fotografie.
W trakcie sesji można było poczęstować się polskimi pysznościami – sałatką warzywną czy też smalcem – mniam! Kot Oscar okazał się bardzo cierpliwy i dzielnie wytrwał do końca sesji – moja alergia na koty niestety trochę mniej… Był to bardzo, bardzo przyjemny dzień i mam nadzieję, że uda mi się pracować z tymi utalentowanymi ludźmi raz jeszcze!


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