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Katy Carr Interview

Mainstream music can often see the industry over run with extremely commercial content, which doesn’t resemble anything near deep and meaningful lyrics. However, with small events, and even the big international festivals endorsing small and upcoming artists, the summer season is a particularly good chance to discover some amazing new artists. One of these talented young individuals is Katy Carr. A quirky style, and a gorgeous raw tone will make you want to listen to her music over and over. I caught up with Katy to find out more.
What was your motivation for beginning in the music industry?
I really wanted to make great music with great musicians. It was that simple!

What has been your best and worst experience so far since you have been an established musician and singer?

I regard every experience I have within the music business with regards to either performing, creating, or promoting music as an absolute privilege. Like in any profession one has to face certain challenges that can at times require alot of mental and physical strength. I run my own business, so in some ways it can be exciting to push into areas that you have never developed before. Recently for instance I entered the film industry for the first time and produced a 25 minute short documentary entitled; ‘Kazik and the Kommander’s Car.’ The subject matter was very intense as it centred around the background story for a song I had written called ‘Kommander’s Car.’ My song was inspired by a Polish scout’s story from 1942, Kazimierz Piechowski now 92, who made an incredible and daring escape from the German Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz in the Kommander’s Car.

What would you recommend someone NOT to do if they aspire to a career in the music industry?

I would say stay true to who you are and never let anyone push you into something that you don’t want to do. It’s your life and like the phrase in Shakespeare’s; As You Like It play written in 1600 says, ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.’
Where is your favourite place to perform and why?

I love London Town simply because in it’s vastness one can still stay anonymous aswell as experience the best that culture has to offer in terms of the best music venues, art galleries, historical research centres, and most importantly meet a cosmopolitan mix of people.

How do you stay grounded?

I keep my friends and those I love close to me, aswell as having strong links to magic, nature and exercise.
What is the one quote that inspires you every day?
“To find yourself, think for yourself.” – Socrates

What is your definition of success, and how do you know when you have achieved it?
I think that the notion of success is very subjective. When I make a musical composition be it a song, performance, album, the process for me is more important that the finished product. I like to know that I have made people smile and I have helped them in their lives in someway. If I end my days on this planet and have left a legacy of people that know and love me greatly then I will consider myself to be successful.
Where do you see yourself in one year time?
I see myself playing lots of concerts and creating more and more music with my beautiful musicians. In addition I will be officially releasing our short film, Kazik and the Kommander’s Car,’ on the 70th anniversary of Kazik’s escape 20th June 2012 as well as my next album entitled,’Paszport,’ and a book of creative responses to Kazimierz Piechowski’s escape story entitled ‘Kazik Kollectiv.’
You can see KatyCarr and The Aviators play on the 13th May at Bethnal Green, as part of their ‘Escapologist Tour’. Make sure to show!
Find out more at http://www.katycarrarchive.com.gridhosted.co.uk/ .
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