An Unfair-Fare Dodge Railway Adventure

An Unfair-Fare Dodge Railway Adventure

On Saturday 16th April, Climate Rush organised an Unfair-Fare Dodge from London Bridge to Canterbury, dressed as The Railway Children, to campaign against the 31% rise in train and public transport fares in the next 3 years – whilst the aviation industry keeps being subsidised and given tax-breaks. A standard ticket to Canterbury is over £25 = the same milage on a train in France would be £7 = if you swipe your Oyster Card, get on the train to Canterbury, stay at the platform and then go back, you get fined the same £7 by TfL = hence, The Unfair-Fare Dodge. The buntings of cross-stitchings were made by The Craftivist Collective during sit-ins in major stations in the UK in the run-up to the Railway Adventure. Ukulele and voice by Katy Carr. [16th April 2011]

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  1. thank you for making such a beautiful film. We are going to send this to all of the Craftivists who took part in the stitch-ins across the country to make the train bunting petition shown in your film. We now have about 50 metres of it.

  2. linda says:

    This is brilliant – brought a tear to my eye too – what an amazing example of peaceful powerful protest x

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  1. kevin says:

    thanks for adding this your site! and congrats for the music, without which this video wouldn’t be any good…

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