Musical tribute to Auschwitz escapee

A British singer has dedicated a song and her current tour to a remarkable story about Kazimierz Piechowski’s 1942 escape from the Auschwitz concentration camp. The BBC’s Sanchia Berg met both Mr Kazimierz and songwriter Katy Carr 1st April 2011 .

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  1. sandy says:

    How anyone could be so gullible as to believe such a load of obvious lies as to feel the need to write a song about it beats me. The story of the man’s escape in Hoess’s own car no less is typical of the farcical tales spun by the miraculous “survivors” who even after 66 years still number in their hundreds of thousands.
    He’s remarkably silent on any gassingsat Auschwitz – just like 99.9% of the survivors. He’s got the Wall of Death story but can’t quite manage to wrap his mind around how the Nazis could gas millions of Jews with a pelleted insecticide which only emits gas at temperatures of over 25.7 degrees Celsius….or how they ventilated the alleged gas chambers to allow the removal of the bodies by the alleged SonderKommandos.
    Simple. There were no gassings and what your old Polish friend’s tale does is just add to the ridiculous mountain of laughable “miracle escape” stories which make up the risible Holocaust myth.

  2. katycarr says:

    Fortunately for the world Kazik is telling the truth. We have documents and records from Hoess himself to prove this – he did escape in Hoess’s car and i will be posting them up for people like yourself who choose to debate this point . With regards calling a survivor of Auschwitz a lier – this is an abominable act of ignorance and I hope that education and proof will settle these opinions not only of yourself but to all those who believe that the Holocaust was as you put it a ‘myth.’
    It is with regret that I have to even write a comment like this however i wish to thank all the people who have supported Kazik and to the BBC for allowing his history to be shared with the public. the above comment submitted by Sandy – who is too scared to give his or her full name is just proof as to why Kazik’s story has to be told.

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