The lovely Amelia Robinson who is organising tonight’s uke ladies night has sent us the chords for the theme song – i am sure all uke players will be invited to join along — the more the merrier so here you go and COME ALONG!!!! see you later address is … below x x x

Uke-Ladies Cabaret in Holloway

An evening of vintage vocals and venturous vixen strumming on their ukuleles. Come and be entertained by this broad line-up of gregariously glamorous girls, Amelia Robinson, Katy Carr, Marika Rauscher, Tracy Jane Sullivan and Stephanie Ware.
Friday 8 April 2011 – 8.30pm till late (doors open 8pm)
£5 in advance (£6 on the door)
at The Floirin Pub
563 Holloway Road
London N19 4DQ (see a map)
Hi Girls,

So I’ve pulled a few chords together and written a song to introduce & close tomorrow night’s performance.  It’s really simple -the chords are:
E, B7, E
E, B7, E
A, E, B7, E
B7, B7, B7 B7 (count, 1, 2, 3)
Listen to mp3 attached & the lyrics below.  Please add your two cents & feel free to write another verse, if you feel inspired!  No need to memorise – I’ll print them out.  We can go over it when you arrive at 7:30 (& Marika – at 8).
Here are the lyrics:
We’re the Uke-Ladies cabaret in Holloway
We’d like to take a minute of your time to say
Welcome to the Floirin, we’re anything but boring
We’ll get the crowd up on their feet, clapping & applauding
1. 2. 3…
We’re the Uke-Ladies cabaret in Holloway
We’re strumming ukuleles & we’re real prett-ay
We’re glad you’re here to listen
We’re better than med-i-cine
So take a tablet, pop a pill of ukulele vixen
1. 2. 3…
We’re the Uke-Ladies cabaret in Holloway
You better take a seat cuz we’re about to play
For every girl & every bloke
For every bloody Irish bloke
We’ll play you a tune and make you all swoon
With every lyric & every note
[But one of us is at home sick with a croak]
1. 2. 3…
We’re the Uke-Ladies Cabaret in Holloway
All your fears & worries we will wipe away
Our instrument is happy
If you’re old or in a nappy
Or even if the weather’s bad & you are feeling crappy
1. 2. 3…
We’re the Uke-Ladies Cabaret in Holloway
We’re more delightful than a dose of vitamin K
The sun sure has been shining
And we know that you’ve been pining
For a cup of tea, can’t you see, you can’t always have twining(s)!
[After the show, we want you to know, autographs we will be signing]
[It’s been a long week, all that you seek is a chair on which to recline – in]
1. 2. 3…
We’re the Uke-Ladies Cabaret in Holloway
Have your cake & eat it we’re a china buffet
From Austria to Poland, we’re a lovely bunch of women
Who travel the world, across the sea, with stories sung not spoken
1. 2. 3….
We’re the Uke-Ladies Cabaret in Holloway
From Austria & Poland, cross to New York Cit-ay
We are lovely bunch of women
Specially when we’re singing
But when we’re mad, protect your ‘nads
Cuz your balls we will be flinging (somehow I don’t think we can get away with this one!! hahahah)

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