Katy Carr’s Newsletter Sept / Oct 2010

Hello from Katy Carr –

Summer has ended and autumn is upon us. Golden leaves, shorter days and of course more rainier moments here in London Town. People sigh as they need to wear jumpers and warm coats and carry umbrellas everywhere…. Some of us have suffered from ‘change of the weather’ fluey type affairs with sore throats and coughing and spluttering fits a sure reminder that winter is nigh!
I have loved September 2010 and all the wonderful people I have met at my gigs … Thanks to the kindly folk at the venues I have frequented including > Folkadot 1st Sept with Johnny Berliner lovely gig loved the Band Th’ Parish who also played that night > Enfield Town Festival on 4th Sept – really enjoyed the sets I played in the Park and the belly dancing! > Chatham salute to the Forties Weekend 18th/19th Sept I loved the Dockyard and this historical reenactment weekend and definitely see you next year I met the lovely people at the USO stage and Madelaine Brown a wonderful 1940s singer!!! see below I am playing on the back of Army Truck just like when the 1940s artists like Vera Lynn and George Formby played on the ENSA stages for the troops in WW2! >
photo kindly used with permission from Garry Gibbs, Hat by Cindy Henry
I also loved supporting the Mediaeval Baebes on their Autumn tour at St John-at-Hackney Church > playing at Nick Marsh’s album launch gig on The Ship Of Fools at Bar & Co, Temple Pier > and at various secret gigs for various high profile fashionistas at London fashion week…
The biggest thrill for me was to have our documentary ‘Kazik and the Kommander’s Car’ played at the Portobello Film Festival again and to go on Joanne Good’s BBC radio show with Hannah Lovell [the film director] and talk about our creative processes. We are particularly all over the moon that Kazik is getting better with his new pacemaker and that he is on good form to come and visit London in March 2011. Kazik loves to sing and I will be seeing him very soon in Poland and beckoning him into a recording studio in Gdansk to sing on a famous Polish underground army tune to accompany a rerelease of my tribute song to his story of escape ‘Kommander’s Car.’

The film is primarily factual, yet is an artistic piece too,Kazik and the Kommander’s Car” is a 25 minute documentary centred around a meeting between myself (Katy Carr) and Kazimierz Piechowski (Kazik), who was imprisoned in Auschwitz in 1940 for being a Polish boy scout and resisting Nazi occupation. In 1942 he escaped with others, disguised in SS uniform, having stolen the camp Commandant’s Car. One of the songs from my latest album ‘Coquette’ is about the last 80 metres of his do or die escape -“Kommander’s Car”. The film follows my visit to Poland in 2009 to meet Kazik, who is now 91, and play the song to him. with beautiful cinematography and charcoal drawings. It has so far been shown as part of the Imperial War Museum film festival, at the Cultural Centre in Warsaw for the 65th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz, and the Portobello film festival. It is also due to be shown for invited guests at the Polish embassy in March 2011, with Kazik himself travelling from Poland to talk about his experiences in Auschwitz and his escape.

The trailer can be viewed here:


In addition thanks to Simon Price for his time to spot our ‘ukulele breakbeat folk’ over the summer and mention us in ….
link below….

Weds 13th Oct

9pm : Katy Carr plays a solo set at this intimate house party address : 40 winks 109 Mile End Road, London E1 4UJ t: 020 7790 0259 [tube Stepney Green] – you must wear pyjamas!

Thurs 14th Oct

7pm : Katy Carr plays a solo set in Wiltshire for the Pound Arts Trust

Thurs 16th October

8: 30pm Katy Carr plays : Tea-Totalled Launch Maddness! @93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane, London E1C 6QL
I look forward to working on my new album with my main collaborator Francesca Ter-Berg which I will be releasing in spring next year.
I would also like to say a big thankyou to John Constable for introducing me to his Southwark and the series of wonderful free walks he hosted around this area of London Town …. Setting eyes on the Crossbones Graveyard in Redcross Way SE1 for the first time was a certainly momentous occasion and one that I will remember for a long time to come – so expect songs !@!! also I was very honoured to sing on John’s forthcoming album so pleased I could become involved. Thanks to Nigel Of Bermondsey for his recordings x x x

Big Vintage Folk Love to you all, take care of yourselves, see u soon and keep in touch – please join me @ www.facebook.com/KatyCarr1940 for direct response chat and features ! – x x Katy Carr
BUY ‘COQUETTE’ If you would like a copy of Coquette [£10] please email me info@katycarr.com and I will send you a way you can buy it on paypal x x

Katy Carr, Musician, Songwriter Performer
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