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Summer, summer, summer —- stay with us a little bit longer!!!! > just looking outside onto the streets of Marylebone this morning at 8am and yes it looks like London in November again — grey sky, rain pouring down, people rushing in and out of shop doorways and hailing taxis for fear of getting their clothes drenched in sudden downpours. It is beautiful in terms of poetry to see raindrops falling like glistening pennies to the ground but we rain sufficient Britons love and want more of the glorious summer sunshine please……
Rain complaints aside most of the summer festivals this August were spared of mudslides etc and the weather was mainly superb at both The Big Chill 6th – 8th August and Vintage at Goodwood 13th- 15th August. Big thanks to the musicians who joined The Aviators at these gigs, Camilo Tirado [percussion], Zosia Jagodzinska [cello], Hannah Lovell, Lucy Darling [bvs] and to Continental Drifts for being such great booking agents.  I will shortly be sharing our Big Chill radio session with you and here is the link to our mention in the Independent regarding our show at The Big Chill – thanks to Simon Price for his time to spot our ‘ukulele breakbeat folk’ ….
Kazimierz Piechowski
For those of you who have been following Kazik Piechowski’s health updates he is now safely back at home in Gdansk after having been in hospital for 12 days with heart failure. A pace maker has been fitted and if you would like to continue to send any messages of support or well being I would be very happy to forward them on. A big thanks to everyone who sent their goodwill energy and messages to Kazik. He told me yesterday on the phone that he is very much looking forward to coming to England in March 2011 for his appointment with the Polish Ambassador and his evening at the Polish Embassy. Not only will our film ‘Kazik and the Kommander’s Car’ be screened but also I will play a concert and perhaps sing a duet with Kazik.
In addition please feel free to come to next screening of
‘Kazik and the Kommander’s Car’
1pm Sat 11th September 2010 @ The Portobello Film Festival
address Westbourne Studios 242 Acklam Road  London W10 5JJ

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‘Kazik And the Kommander’s Car’ Portobello Film Festival, Kazik And the Kommander’s Car [dir Hannah Lovell] 25 minutes 12A In June 1942, Kazik Piechowski escaped from Auschwitz. This film documents Katy Carr’s visit to Poland to meet Kazik, and play him her tribute song “Kommander’s Car”.
“Kommander’s Car”.
Kazik and the Kommander’s Car” is a 25 minute documentary centred around a meeting between myself (Katy Carr) and Kazimierz Piechowski (Kazik), who was imprisoned in Auschwitz in 1940 for being a Polish boy scout and resisting Nazi occupation. In 1942 he escaped with others, disguised in SS uniform, having stolen the camp Commandant’s Car. One of the songs from my latest album ‘Coquette’ is about the last 80 metres of his do or die escape -“Kommander’s Car”. The film follows my visit to Poland in 2009 to meet Kazik, who is now 91, and play the song to him.

The film is primarily factual, yet is an artistic piece too,

with beautiful cinematography and charcoal drawings. It has so far been shown as part of the Imperial War Museum film festival, at the Cultural Centre in Warsaw for the 65th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz, and the Portobello film festival. It is also due to be shown for invited guests at the Polish embassy in March 2011, with Kazik himself travelling from Poland to talk about his experiences in Auschwitz and his escape.

The trailer can be viewed here:



Sat 4th September

Katy Carr and the Aviators play 2 sets at Enfield Town show @ Enfield Town Park, Cecil Road, Enfield EN2 6TW 13:00 – 13:40 17:10 – 17:50

Weds 1st September

8: 30pm Katy Carr will be performing @ Jonny Berliner’s Folkadot at Green Note, 106 Parkway, Camden Town London NW1 7AN


Sat 28th August

9:20pm Katy Carr plays a solo set at the BBest Festival more details to follow www.bbfest.org High Street, Brant Broughton, LN5 0SA

ADDITIONAL THANKS this month to Bobby Williams and Tom McKean and the Emporers for a great gig at The Perseverance,  Annie Windley at Softly Softly at the Albert and Pearl, Dexter Bentley at Acoustic Suicide, Eddie Piller, Wayne and Jack Hemingway, Johnny Valatone for my gigs at Vintage @ Goodwood – see you next year, all at Big Chill, Simon Price, Independent Chris Tofu, Sophie Cammack @ Continental Drifts, Kat @ Wild Kat PR, Holly @ Halo PR, Joe Biurski@ Magpies Nest, Hannah Ashwell @ Beaford, Janine McCretton, Raya Herzig and Oko and the Mayor of Exeter M. Choules and all of you who wishes our dear Kazik Get well soon —— let him stay with us another 100 years Sto Lat!@!.
Big Vintage Folk Love to you all, take care of yourselves, see u soon and keep in touch! –  X x x x x Katy Carr
BUY  ‘COQUETTE’ If you would like a copy of Coquette [£10] please email me info@katycarr.com and I will send you a way you can buy it on paypal x x

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