I had the great pleasure of supporting Fiona Bevan at the 15 minute factory last Sunday night and promised that I would write a review of her latest record ‘Plant your Heart.’ I can’t give it any less than top marks and I can’t stop listening to her luxurious voice. Fiona’s presence on stage was electrifying and completely gripping. Her guitar playing is great and she has a great and open stage presence. Her songs are delicate little musettes filled with cute little ironies – almost seem to be written by tree elves and gnomes playing with our hearts and spinning us around into their silk web….Fiona Bevan's lovely album 'Plant your heart'My personal favourite is the ‘Revel and the Devil’ which has a great cheeky rhythm and great hook ‘you’re the one that puts the fun into the funeral.’ Fiona apparently wrote this song about the Mexican Day of the Dead which fits very cleverly into the way she sings just like the way skeletons are depicted as cute little characters at this festival in early Nov all over Mexico. The Balance is a sweet little account of sleeping with trees – a dreamy account of innocent forages into nature. Very sweet but with a twist. This is music to help heal a broken heart – i love her voice and I think Fiona Bevan is a shining star –  thankyou for such lovely music Fiona!
x x x kc
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  1. Fiona Mackay Barclay Bevan says:

    Thank you Katy for the lovely review!!!! So glad you like the album 🙂
    see you soon,
    Fiona xxx

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