If you get a chance please view Rich Hall’s doc on bbc iplayer – you have four days left to view it!. Having recently visited and may i say fallen in love with the ‘Dirty South’ as Rich Hall’s documentary is entitled,  i really recommend anybody interested in this area watch this! here’s the link  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00t26zf
Rich Hall's Dirty South>
Rich Hall’s The Dirty South –
9pm, BBC4
The deep south of the US is the last place it’s polite to be rude about; one may, in civilised company, denigrate the region as a backward swamp of moonshine-swigging cross-burners without receiving much in the way of outraged contradiction. Rich Hall knows the region pretty well, but has lived outside it long enough to be an ideal host of this tour of the south’s heritage, history and humour. Hall is unsparing about the drawbacks, but gruffly passionate about its splendours, of which there are many, and he is, as ever, smart and funny with it.
>>> and to the chap i met in the Angel on the Field’s on Marylebone High street last night who was from San Diego and told me that he couldn’t understand why I would like the deep southern states of North America because it was so ‘scary’ ‘not worthy of recognition’ ‘and full of heathens and hillbillies’- he can as Rich Hall puts it –  F*** O**! For it is for those very reasons and the misinterpretations that this deep south region has procured for a number of centuries that draws me in to discover more about the people in these us states.  And let’s face it the best the music industry has ever created came out of this region and I look forward to accelerating more research and investigative trips and in turn creating something hopefully something as exciting as Cat on a Hot tin Roof x x x ….

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