Look forward to seeing you at the Global Local Stage I have the great honour of playing on a stage with some great musicians and artists see below for the Global Local Stage Lineup courtesy of Joe at the Magpie’s Nest x x x kc
The Big Chill
Global Local @ Micro –  The Big Chill.
The Magpie’s Nest Folk Day + Cut A Shine Barn Dance
Sunday 8th August 2010
14:25 Ruth Theodore

15:40 Katy Carr
16:40 Cut A Shine
17:50 Urban Folk Quartet
18:40 Plaster of Paris
19:40 Pepino
20:40 Katy Carr
22:00 Kidnap Alice
23:00 Wagon Tales
00:20 Urban Folk Quartet
01:30 Cut A Shine Ceilidh
03:00 Penny Metal

Biographies + Web Links
The Magpie’s Nest BBC Radio 2 Best Folk Club of the Year 2010
Cut A Shine Barn Dance
Global Local

Global Local supports and promotes the most cutting edge, up and coming acts at top UK Festivals and venues across the country. From Roma to Rumba, Folk to Gypsy, Global Local artists represent the myriad of 21st Century styles that exist in the UK today: remixed, not rehashed.
Ruth Theodore – Please see attached Promo PDF as well as below

Ruth Theodore is one of those rare talents, for whom creative  writing is almost as natural as breathing. Descriptive yet cryptic,  honest, tragic, witty and occasionally heart breaking, her deliberate turn of phrase is that of a skilled writer in command of (and having fun with) the idea of contemporary songwriting.

Her musical arrangements are equally crucial. Citing Leo Kottke as an early influence, the playfully named Sisyphean Rock ‘n’ Roll illustrates Ruth’s ability to tell the most sophisticated of stories using only a guitar. In contrast, songs like False Alarm, Eris, and Taradiddle Scuttlebum have layered, dynamic arrangements demonstrating Ruth’s refusal to rely on accompaniment as simple backdrop, with each part playing a role in the story. Ruth’s confidence in creative writing is obvious throughout the record.

White Holes Of Mole Hills is the compelling and anticipated second album by Ruth Theodore, one of the UK’s most creative New Folk artists. Nine entirely original pieces of characterful storytelling delivered with the utmost care and attention, bringing Ruth’s wholly considered writing to life.

White Holes Of Mole Hills guides us through a collection of very different ideas, yet with clear consistency in repeated themes; scale and perspective, the ethereal vastness, water, life and death.

Although often cryptic, it is a very revealing and honest set, reflecting Ruth’s world with both dark and light – an individual who lives and writes on the waters of East London, with limited light and unlimited imagination. This fragile, original, and humble record is released on River Rat
Records, February 15th 2010.

“Beneath the self-conscious eccentricity there’s a

Written, performed and produced by: serious musician.” The Observer

“This is story telling at it’s neatest, but messy in

design and complicated in spectre.” – Maverick

Ruth Theodore

Liz Mitchell / Haruna Komatsu: Clarinet
Clarissa Carlyon: Cello / Melodica
James Hurst: Bass Guitar
Thomas Oldfield: Drums


Label: info@riverratrecords.com
UK Press & Radio: will@willmccarthy.com
Distributed by Proper Music Distribution

Katy Carr

Katy Carr is a London based performer and songwriter who sings, plays a vintage wurlitzer electronic piano, ukulele and banjolele with her group ‘The Aviators.’ She has self released three albums on her label Deluce Recordings. ‘Screwing Lies,’ 2001 and ‘Passion Play’ 2003 and ‘Coquette’ 2009 which has received no less than 4/5 star reviews in the mainstream and music press during with a 5/5 star review from Music Critic, ‘Quite simply a masterpiece’.
Katy’s music is inspired by themes, stories and characters from 1940s Britain, France and Poland. Boasting a wide variety of performances from The Royal Opera House to Glastonbury music festival together with regular appearances on BBC radio, this eccentric and eclectic performer delivers her self -penned folk songs, with verve and humour.  Expect the gentle tone of a Spitfire Mk 1 as it soars with balletic grace in the skies above and maybe the roaring of a 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K racing around the Berliner Ring in the midday heat….
‘Exquisite, original and lovely.’ 4/5 PSYCHOLOGIES
‘This album ‘Coquette,’ is a scrapbook of characters, places and stories from deep inside Katy Carr’s imagination and it has been a mesmerising experience to glimpse into her world.’ 5/5 Music Critic
‘Katy Carr celebrates the “beautiful feminine energy” of wartime icons Gracie Fields, Katharine Hepburn and Ginger Rogers, evoking their resilience, beauty and eroticism in the most haunting and uncanny ways.’ 4/5 Daily Express

For more information please visit www.katycarr.com or email info@katycarr.com

Cut A Shine Barn Dance
Cut A Shine are a London based troupe of traditional musicians, dynamic dancers and crazy callers determined to spread the word that the Hoe Down is a’happening. From Hoxton to Humberside, from Amnesty International to Bestival, Cut A Shine are putting ceili back on the map – whether at sell out dances in London or the top summer festivals. This “Anarchic Hillbilly Barn Dancing Squad” will bring a rip-roaring, thigh-slapping, pavement-stomping, exhilarating, heart thumping, blood pumping barn dance creation to your event. Whilst the banjo and the fiddle set the tone, the callers instruct any audience through do-si-do’s and strip the willows, until all are involved!

We are a young band playing traditional instruments (Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar, Double Bass and Bodhran), and have a troupe of dancers who accompany the show. We perform music and dance in the British tradition – Scottish, English, Irish but also some American. It’s an full audience participation show, with our dancers demonstrating dances the audience members then perform – so everyone becomes part of the tradition! We perform at all the major UK festivals, including Glastonbury, Thames Festival, Bestival etc, and last summer performed at a total of 22 festivals, bringing all ages, abilities and cultures into the show. We host monthly shows in London which always sell out, attracting 300 people a time to dance.
Urban Folk Quartet
The Urban Folk Quartet, launched in June 2009, played in the UK, Italy, Belgium and Spain in the first 3 months, headlining major festivals from the word go!

Born from the unique melting pot of the Birmingham Folk Music scene, The UFQ is virtuosic not just in feel and technical ability but in musical concept as well, it is a coming together of four of the most inspired and experienced young people working in World Music today. Members of the band have played with The Chieftains, The Albion Band, Feast of Fiddles, Carlos Nunez, The Destroyers, The Conservatoire Folk Ensemble, The Old Dance School, Chris While and Bellowhead amongst others.

Having been discovered in their teens by legendary artists The Albion Band and Carlos Nunez respectively, Joe and Paloma’s careers have in many ways taken parallel paths, both gaining much experience touring the world but not until now having time to form their own bands. In 2004 they performed their first fiddle duet together to great acclaim and so the seeds were sown.
Joe and Frank met at the Birmingham Conservatoire school of music in 1996 and realised then that they had a lot of common musical interests. Doubtless their conversations about folk and world music against the back drop of the fusion obsessed Birmingham scene would later become the foundations of The Urban Folk Quartet.
In the way that sometimes wonderful synchronicity does happen, just as the concept for The UFQ was developing, Tom was experimenting with a cajón based drum set up that was perfect for full percussion sounds as well as the more industrial noises of the city. While Paloma’s Galician roots were mixing with Frank’s obsession with the Oud and Joe’s ear for a good Rock groove, Tom had invented a set up that could underpin every one of those influences and ensure that The Urban Folk Quartet does have a truly unique sound.
The UFQ won the Spanish International Folk Competition on only their 4th gig and played to many sold out audiences on their 1st UK tour in November 2009. Their debut album is due for release March 2010.
The UFQ live performance is second to none, come and find out why this is the most talked about band on the scene today.

Joe Broughton – Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin

Paloma Trigas – Fiddle
Frank Moon – Guitar, Oud, Vocals
Tom Chapman – Cajon, Percussion, Vocals

Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris deliver syncopated songs of love, lust and loss. Be charmed by mesmerising vocals, thrilled by raucous rhythmns and surprised by a bizarre and brilliant self-styled Kazoomaphone

With a history of mascots that boasts a rubber voodoo monkey and gender confused rabbit/beercan Pepino is a tragi-comic never-come-of-age band. Blythe Pepino sings out from behind her piano leading the band, consisting of violin, cello, double bass and drums, on a surreal and whimsical journey through theatrical rock ballads, sailor song and vaudevillian pop. There’s always something special prepared for the audience so keep your wits about you.
Kidnap Alice
A fresh new band from Hackney, London, mixing up ‘Bluegrass’ and ‘Old Time’ tunes with a modern twist, and giving some classics and originals the ‘Bluegrass treatment’. Soulful vocals and tight arrangements from a classic acoustic string band line up, the band bridge the gap between vintage RnB and Appalachian mountain music.

The band had their debut festival performance at Glastonbury 2010, opening the Club DaDa stage for the Legendary Thursday Night Hoe Down. And, in true Glastonbury spirit, the band busked another 6 shows around the site including a super rowdy gig in the dug-out Piano Bar late Sunday night to close the weekend.
The band will be and have performed at the following events in 2010: Glastonbury Festival, The National Theatre Alternative Village Fete, LoveBox, Secret Garden Party, Camp Bestival, GreenMan, Feastival and Bestival.

The Wagon Tales
The Wagon Tales – hot picking UK based Bluegrass and Americana band – with a cast of musicians that reads more like a Jules Holland show than an Old Opry! And boy, these guys can pick and sing!

Ben Somers – Multi instumentalist and son of Steve Somers plays bass and sings with The Wagon Tales by night and by day plays saxophone for the likes of Dizzee Rascal, The Gareth Lockrane big band, Manteca, The Fire-Eaters, Dr John and many more
Joe Auckland (Jocephus Calhoon Auckland) – Banjoist for the Wagon Tales can also be seen playing trumpet with Madness, treading the Ronnie Scott’s stage with Joe Stilgoe and be heard mincing around with Girls Aloud.
Kate Robinson – Fiddles with The Wagon Tales, The European Camarata, Susan Boyle and can be seen peddling her wares with most of the leading orchestras around the UK.
Marcus Bonfanti – A great artist in his own right. Can regularly be seen seen tearing it up with his fiery flatpicking and gravelly vocals. He and Ben met playing with American blues artist Earl Thomas.
Steve Somers – The Daddy! Another great artist in his own right. Steve has led a varied and interesting musical career having been sideman to Glen Campbell, Don Everly, been a member of folk/pop group The Settlers and has led many of his own groups. Now residing in France, Steve can often be seen clogging, playing guitar and singing with his son Ben and The Wagon Tales.


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