I promised my friend Diana I would help her with this request – read on and email her diana@mail2london.com if you are interested! x x kc
I am looking for good honest people who would like a break in the beautiful countryside here in Norfolk for FREE! accomm, meals included in exchange for 6 hours work per day on my plot of land which is really a garden with a summerhouse. It is mainly doing clearing of branches from under my trees and some chopping of wood and other gardening and occasionally looking after my 3 dogs.
Ideal for students and people keen to make a garden look nice.
I start the day at 10am and you are free by 4pm. Be aware that people who take this offer for granted and come just to get a free break without an exchange for manual work will be kicked out immediately!
Please everybody who applies must have a legitimate passport to show me as I will be taking photocopies and proof of address here in UK or abroad – this can be done through previous bills/ statements. This is for my own piece of mind and obvious security issues…
The longer you can stay the better – and couples are accepted!
so come down and help out – we are 15 min walk from the beach and do apply! best wishes Diana
email me diana @ mail2london . com


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