I have been asked by my band to share my sausage soup recipe with y’all [oh and i can see the sausage jokes coming!!!]  – but it’s simple so here goes……
get some really decent sausages [soya ones if you veggie] say 6-9 in total – they have to be really wholesome and if possible organic – that is from happy pigs and not doused in chemicals or water so that they disintegrate into a nothingness.
Put sausages in pan, add a chopped onion and say 3inches of celery chopped, and 3-4 potatoes. Add nice stock [ie with no msg] a teaspoon of Bouillon some chili powder, pepper, salt and boiling hot water to cover. Simmer on low heat for about an hour and eat!
Variations – use sausages with chili and add a carton of freshly blitzed plum tomatoes for that extra special taste!!!! yummy!!!!!!


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