I called the group Katy Carr and the Aviators partly because my lineup has changed so many times over the years and almost like a airplane my group has rolled, yawed and looped in many directions.  As a solo performer  I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful musicians and artists and there have been no barriers in my [air] lines of creativity!
The name ‘the Aviators’ bears special meaning for me because all the way through my teenage years I wanted to join the RAF and thus joined the Air Training Corps at 13 years old. I wanted to become a fighter pilot for the RAF. Thrilled and constantly obsessed with flying i would spend every weekend around RAF pilots, visiting different aerodromes and airflields with the ATC. I   would get the chance to sit at the controls of planes such as Chipmunks and Tomahawks. With absolutely no intention of joining or being involved in the entertainment business I was dreaming of flying all the time. Besides I considered that the real stars were all dead – in my view then as a teenager and partly still held today as anover 20year old these were the great gals and guys of the silver screen – George Formby, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, the tap dancing legends The Nicholas Brothers, Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf. I loved the music, the black and white films and airplanes – Spitfires of the 1940s.
Since May 09 I have been playing music with my lovely new group of musicians ‘The Aviators.’ We played our first gig as the new lineup consisting of myself Katy Carr, Eleni Hassabis and Lyndsay Evans at Stoke Newington Airport on May 18th 09. It has been an amazing and exhilerating experience to be around such great and super musicians. So I am proud to be able to call my group the Aviators and have links to aviation which meant so much to me as a teenager – more on this in a later blog – meanwhile I invite you to look over more of my website x x x kcThe

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    thanks for your interest if you prompt me about a particular area of this topic I will write more as I love discussing flying machines! best wishes kc

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