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My next concerts will be here : 


Sunday 6th May : Katy Carr performs at the Polish Heritage Day Celebration in Leicester 2018. Event is from 14:00 – 17:00 (2pm- 5pm) at New Walk Museum, Art Gallery, 53 New Walk, Leicester LE1 7EA

Katy performs at 15:00 (3pm) with Hannah Lovell projecting her specially crafted films to accompany Katy’s music.

Click here for * map location of concert *

Event free – ALL WELCOME ! Katy’s concert is funded in association with the Polish Cultural Institute and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland and Project Polska. Leicester and Leicestershire have special meaning to my family as this is where we grew up. My mother RIP lived in Leicestershire when she first moved from Poland to England in the 1970s. I will be singing for my mamasia and her memory at this event.


12th May 2018 : at 17:00 in Michałowice, Warsaw – address : Urząd Gminy Michałowice (sala multimedialna) Reguły, ul. Aleja Powstańców Warszawy 1  

I will be performing with my Lotnicy – my Polish musicians – Lukasz Matuszyk akordeon – Roland Grzegorz Abreu – Double Bass – kontrabas and Marlena Grodzicka Myslak on violin

sobota 12 maja godz. 17.00 utwory z płyt: Paszport i Polonia oraz pieśni patriotyczne O, mój rozmarynie

Wójt Gminy Michałowice zaprasza! 

Entrance is FREE – ALL WELCOME 🙂 as this concert is supported by the Wójt Gminy Michałowice. 

More info please visit :

19th May 2018 : Katy Carr performs at the Night of the Museums in Warsaw here at the Naczelny Sąd Administracyjny, ul. Gabriela Piotra Boduena 3/5, Warsaw. Katy performs at 17:00 and 22:00 – all welcome – concert funded by the City of Warsaw – ALL WELCOME – EVENT FREE ! Hosted by the City of Warsaw and the Naczelny Sąd Administracyjny.


godz. 15.00 – uroczysta inauguracja przed Gmachem Naczelnego Sądu Administracyjnego 
Reprezentacyjny Zespół Artystyczny Wojska Polskiego


16:00 – Maria Dubik z Kamieńca Podolskiego – fortepian 
16:30 – Reprezentacyjny Zespół Artystyczny Wojska Polskiego 
17:00 – Katy Carr, brytyjska piosenkarka polskiego pochodzenia
18:00 – Maria Dubik z Kamieńca Podolskiego – fortepian
19:00 – dr Emanuel Bączkowski – fortepian 
20:00 – Katy Carr, brytyjska piosenkarka polskiego pochodzenia
21:00 – Maria Dubik – fortepian
22:00 – Katy Carr – śpiew, fortepian, ukulele 
23:00 – Maria Dubik – fortepian 

w programie pieśni patriotyczne, utwory Chopina, Moniuszki, Paderewskiego, Bacewicz 


– Najwyższy Trybunał Administracyjny 1922 – 1939
– Drogi do Niepodległości – najcenniejsze dokumenty Niepodległej Rzeczypospolitej 
– Gabinet Marszałka (pamiątki po Marszałku Józefie Piłsudskim) 
– Polacy w Mandżurii 1897 – 1949 波兰人在中国东北
– Harcerstwo Polskie na Kresach
– Akcja Paczka – Pomoc Polakom na Wschodzie 
– W stepie szerokim – Kamienic Podolski – dawny i dzisiejszy
– Serce bez granic – Kardynał Adam Kozłowiecki – Misjonarz Afryki 
– Sądownictwo II Rzeczpospolitej – dokumenty, stroje urzędowe, wokandy, pieczęcie.
– miniatury artystyczne, rzeźba, „arts decoratifs”, obrazy, medale.


– Symulacje rozpraw sądowych dla dzieci i dorosłych.
– Grupa Rekonstrukcji Historycznej „Śródmieście” 

Dla dzieci:

– gry, zabawy, konkursy (historyczne, plastyczne, itp.) z niespodzianką 
– Sądowa przygoda – rodzinna gra terenowa 


Elementy służby Policji Sądowej – umundurowanie i wyposażenie pirotechniczne, techniki sprawdzeń minersko-pirotechnicznych
Pierwsza Pomoc Przedmedyczna – Maltańska Służba Medyczna. 

Poczęstunek: kawa, herbata


Big thanks to British Author Elisabeth Gifford for inviting me to perform at her book launch events at the British Library 17th April and Waterstones Hampstead 19th April this month. I had a wonderful time and very pleased to announce that we were joined by His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in London Arkady Rzegocki, Director of the Polish Cultural Institute Robert Szaniawski and Vice Director Marta de Zuniga. 

With Elisabeth Gifford and the wonderful She’Koyokh London based Klezmer musicians below at the British Library post concert in London 🙂 

From left to right with the Director of the Polish Cultural Institute Robert Szaniwaski, Katy Carr, Elisabeth Gifford and His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in London Arkady Rzegocki at Waterstones Bookshop in Hampstead, London.

More info here 🙂

Thank you for the post below Arkady!

Promocja książki o Januszu Korczaku w rocznicę wybuchu Powstania w Getcie Warszawskim. Piękny występ Katy Carr. W spotkaniu wzięli też udział dyrektor i wicedyrektor Instytutu Kultury Polskiej: Robert Szaniawski, Marta de Zuniga oraz żona Ambasadora Czech.

Thanks for the write up Roger!

With my wonderful friends including the legendary Mick Jones from The Clash celebrating our beloved author and friend Chris Salewicz’s birthday in London March 2018 

Happy Birthday Chris! WE LOVE YOU ! XXX


RIP MAMUSIA – Krystyna ‘Kasia’ Zofia Poprawsk
a-Carr (née Goryl) R.I.P

Thank you so much for all your letters and gestures of support with regards the very sad loss of my beloved Polish mother and mamusia RIP . I am, as you can imagine completely devastated and the passing of my mother from physical into spirit world has been a very deep and emotional time for me and all of my family. My mother’s funeral was blessed by Father ks. Kanonik Krzysztof Tyliszczak and took place at the Polish Catholic Church at Devonia in Islington, London – Kościół pw. Matki Boskiej Częstochowskiej 2 Devonia Rd, London. Father ks. Kanonik Krzysztof Tyliszczak was wonderful and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for conducting such a wonderful service of remembrance for my mamusia RIP. I also thank Irena Zabłocka for playing the most wonderful organ at the church and I was honoured to have been able to sing at my mother’s funeral and pay tribute to her Polish highlander roots as she was a proud and strong Goralka. For those of you who would like or who have requested a copy of her funeral booklet please write to me and I will send it to you. Big thanks to Paul Morse and at A. Galla Funeral Directors Ltd for being amazing at my Mum’s funeral and helping us to get through the day smoothly and with great sensitivity 🙂 

I carry this picture of my mother with me everywhere I go. 

Here is the Eulogy I read for my mother : 

My mother Krystyna – known to her close friends as ‘Kasia’ was born in the Polish mountains. Her home town is Bielsko Biala which is in the province of Śląsk in southern Poland and is surrounded by the Polish mountains that my mother loved so much – the Beskidy which form part of the Carpathian mountain range.  My mother always said that one day she would return to her beloved Poland and the mountains she loved so much. She was very proud of her roots and heritage and that she was a Goralka – a Polish highlander. 
My mother’s maiden name is Goryl which is a derivative of Gorale meaning Polish highlander. The Gorale – Polish highlanders have their own language and their own traditions and it is said represent the heart of the Polish nation. Music plays a huge part of their culture. My first memory of my mother was of her singing Polish Highlander songs with her mother Joanna my Polish grandmother. I can remember the flashes of the vibrant Gorale folk costumes my Grandmother owned, I can remember the vivid colours of the Ladies scarves and the way the Gorale spoke, their humour and their strong characters. I can remember that they made me feel really proud to be Polish.  I can remember the delicious food that I ate as a child and seeing my mother truly happy singing with her beloved friends and family.
My own personal love of Poland was born here in the company of my mother and my Grandmother.
As you can imagine my mother’s passing has left us all completely devastated. She fought a courageous battle against cancer and true to her very brave and strong Gorale – Polish highlander character she uttered not a word of her illness to a soul on this planet and kept her secret only with the doctors that treated her. 
My mother was a brave and courageous lady who loved her country Poland. She did everything possible to make sure that her Polish language and Polish traditions were respected. The passing of a mother for a daughter is an experience that is one of deep sadness and heartache. My mother made me the woman I am today. My mother was the reason I started composing music, writing songs and performing. My mother gave me my Polish blood and heritage. My mother gave me life. My mother’s soul will always be with me – a strong lady, an independent spirit who was a survivor and fought for what she believed was right and just. I am so proud of my mother and everything she fought to achieve. I am so proud to be her eldest daughter and her favourite artist and her soldier.
My mother’s family originated from Poland and we are so honoured that we can fulfil her wish by returning her back to her country. I would now like to sing a few bars of a song which meant so much to her and her Gorale Polish highlander heritage, a small sentiment from me to my mother and for those of you who are Polish , for those of you who know what I am trying to say – this is for my mother
Highlander do you not regret
Leaving your homeland,
Spruce forests and chalets
And the silver streams?
Highlander, do you not regret,
Highlander, return to the chalet!
Highlander, do you not regret,
Highlander, return to the chalet!
So the highlander stares at the mountains
And with a sleeve wipes away his tears,
For the mountains must be sacrificed,
For bread, sir, for bread.
So the highlander cries like a child: 
Maybe I’ll never see them again 
For the mountains must be sacrificed, 
For bread, sir, for bread.
Highlander, do you not regret,
Highlander, return to the chalet!
Highlander, do you not regret,
Highlander, return to the chalet!
Góralu czy ci nie żal (Katy sings for mamusia)
Góralu czy ci nie żal
Odchodzić od stron ojczystych,
Świerkowych lasów i hal
I tych potoków srebrzystych?
Góralu, czy ci nie żal,
Góralu, wracaj do hal!
Góralu, czy ci nie żal,
Góralu, wracaj do hal!
A góral na góry spoziera
I łzy rękawem ociera,
Bo góry porzucić trzeba,
Dla chleba, panie dla chleba.
Góralu, czy ci nie żal,
Góralu, wracaj do hal!
Góralu, czy ci nie żal,
Góralu, wracaj do hal!
A góral jak dziecko płacze:
Może już ich nie zobaczę;
I starych porzucić trzeba,
Dla chleba, panie, dla chleba.

On 28th April I walked 15km for the Loss Foundation and for my mummy RIP. I met new friends and felt extremely supported in the safe company of those who had also lost loved ones to cancer RIP.

With respect for my Mother’s love of her country Poland and the heritage of her country – we placed the flowers from her coffin and funeral service on the Katyn Memorial in Gunnersbury Cemetery. The red roses and white lilies and the red and white garlands are in honour of Poland and her Polish roots. We thank everyone who attended her funeral on Friday 6th April 2018 at Devonia Polish Church and the wonderful services lead by Father Priest Krzystof Tyliszczak. My mother told me that the memory of those Polish Officers murdered in Katyn in April 1940 by the Soviets must never be forgotten as the Katyn Massacre was a gross crime against humanity. Mamusia and her ashes will be returned to her motherland Poland in the very near future to be laid to rest on her home soil – Kochana Mama – Krystyna ‘Kasia’ Zofia Poprawska-Carr (née Goryl) R.I.P 

I had a signal that she reached heaven in the form of a robin who followed me for half a mile. 

Please keep my mama in your prayers RIP< /p>

RIP mummy xxxxxx


Thanks again for all your support of my music and keep in touch and take care – see you soon!

                    Much love to you all – Katy i Pozdrawiam serdecznie xxxx 🙂