Magical musical storytelling at midnight on Hampstead Heath

Article P 35 in the Ham and High 5th Sept 2013

A hidden enclave on Hampstead Heath became an impromtu stage as dozens gathered for a midnight storytelling session.
Professional storyteller Vanessa Wolf and singer-songwriter Katy Carr took about 35 adults into the depths of the Heath before regaling them with a tale of wartime Poland on Saturday – that of Polish boy scout Kazimierz Piechowski’s escape from Auschwitz in June 1942 in Rudolf Hoess’s the then camp commander’s car.
The audience were met at Hampstead Heath train station at 11pm before being entertained into the early hours.
Ms. Wolf, 42 who grew up in Swiss Cottage and went to Camden School for Girls said, ‘Hampstead Heath at midnight is dark, quiet and magical – a fitting backdrop for our journey into the forests of 1940s wartime Poland.’

The Heath’s constabulary pays a visit ….

The Heath’s constabulary interrupted as suspense was building in the story. ”They were just being friendly and checking that everything was alright.”