By Mark Edwards – Published: 23 February 2003 : ‘Definitely one for the Mercury Prize jury to consider. ‘
WHEN Katy Carr’s debut album, Screwing Lies, came out, one critic described her as an “alt-folk star in waiting”. Given the extra polish and poppiness of Passion Play, she can probably stop waiting now. Her music has echoes of Kathryn Williams, Björk and PJ Harvey: folky origins, a voice that appears to be able to do anything it wants and some don’t-go-there nastiness lurking in the lyrics. “Let me bite your neck, my love, and draw blood,” she sings on Snake Kiss; and the bloody imagery continues on Reddle Woman, which – if I know my Thomas Hardy – refers to the red-dye seller whose ruddy appearance frightened the children. A bit dark for you? Then sit back and enjoy John Hegley’s guest appearance on Turpin. Definitely one for the Mercury Prize jury to consider.
Sunday Times review  'Passion Play' 23rd feb 2003
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