Evoking both the witchery of early Kate Bush and the nervy strain of PJ HarveyScrewing Lies could be the beginning of an intriguing career. Screwing Lies is the swarthy, self-produced debut offering from London-based folk singer Katy Carr. It’s quite a find. Essentially, this is a modernist folk record for those who like their folk subject matter to remain reassuringly “traditional”, which means that fans of murder, copulation, insanity, infidelity and drowning in rivers won’t be disappointed. But transvestism? And spiders? And–on the Charlotte Perkins Gilman inspired title track–a philandering cad of a husband who keeps his wife locked in the attic? Yes, this is a queer old record, deliciously embroidered with strange musical arrangements–parlour room piano by gaslight, queasy strings, a forlorn concertina, creepy woodwind–and some great tunes, viz the jazz-tinged Pentangle vibe of “Ramble My Rose” and the poppy mania of “Marmalade Duke”. Savvy and saucy (“Ooh you pulled my knickers down and you left me by the kitchen sink” she sings on “Knickers”) Screwing Lies could be the beginning of an intriguing career. –Kevin Maidment