• Katy Carr's May/June 2011 Newsletter

    Firstly Katy Carr and the Aviators would like to say a BIG THANKYOU to all of you who have been supporting our Escapologist Tour. We have loved playing for you all and the feedback for our songs and film , Kazik and the Kommander;s Car dir Hannah Lovell have been very positive and at times extremely emotional. It is a great honour to engage with you all on such a personal basis so thankyou again. For those of you who may not have yet come to one of our tour dates please find some information below….

    ‘The Escapologist Tour,’ is dedicated to the honour of Kazimierz ‘Kazik’ Piechowski, a Polish Scout who in June 1942 escaped from Auschwitz concentration camp in a Steyr 220 car. Events include musical performances from Katy Carr and The Aviators & a 25 min documentary screening of Kazik and the Kommander’s Car directed by Hannah Lovell & produced by Katy Carr, where Katy first presents Kazik with her tribute song, ‘Kommander’s Car’.

    June 2011 ‘Escapologist’ Tour Dates….

    3rd June 2011,  7.30pm at The Dugdale Centre , Thomas Hardy House, 39 London Road, Enfield, EN2 6DS             [Free admission].

    12th June 2011 – 1-1-45pm and  6-7pm Holloway Arts Festival  @ The Florin, 563 Holloway Road London N19 4DQ

    19th June 2011 – 12pm [midday] Screening of ‘Kazik and the Kommander’s Car’ at  UCL [tickets £5 link to buy] Address LONDON: Screen 2, Festival Hub, Engineering Building
    UCL, Torrington Place, Bloomsbury, London

    22nd and 23rd June 2011 Exeter Fringe Festival at The City Gate Hotel, 1 Iron Bridge, Exeter EX4 3RB tel: 01392 495 811[ticket price tbc]

  • Katy Carr's April 2011 Newsletter

    Hello from Katy Carr!

    April has been an incredible month with regards various musical and historical matters….Kazimierz Piechowski’s first visit to the UK proved to be a mammoth success. The British media whipped up a storm and we were featured in various papers such as The Guardian, Evening Standard, The Sunday Express, The Times as well as Radio 4’s Today program. So thanks to all of you who helped in the event preparations and for your attendance. We will be posting up video blogs and written blogs in the near future. In addition and partly inspired by this month of events i am currently putting together a book called ‘Kazik Kollectif’ with responses from 20 artists from all disciplines, poets, writers, musicians, photographers, artists with regards Kazik’s story. This will be published next year in 2012.

    I am also currently doing two tours -‘ The Escapologist Tour’ funded by Arts Council England and the support to the Great British Barbershop Boys UK tour. Details of shows are below or here at this link

    You can also listen to my album ‘Coquette,’ which is currently on British Airways inflight entertainment, Channel 15 Easy Listening

  • Katy Carr's Feb/March 2011 Newsletter

    Katy Carr’s Feb/March 2011 Newsletter

    Hello from Katy Carr!

    First of all thanks to all you lovely people for posting such fantastic messages on my birthday,1st Feb 2011. I had over 400 and so apologies if i haven’t responded. Know that I read every single one and that I thank you sincerely!

    The biggest birthday present i had was having my third album ‘Coquette,’ placed on British Airways inflight entertainment. My album will be available for easy listening 20000 feet above sea level as well as low level local flights. For the the direct link for BA’s current onboard entertainment press here

  • Katy Carr plays Homerton 17th Dec 2010

    Katy Carr's Newsletter Nov / Dec 2010

    Hello from Katy Carr

    A warm welcome to you all from a rather chilly London. The outside temperature here in Marylebone, heart and nucleus of the Big Smoke is swooping downwards so it’s the time for mittens and hats and scarves! November has been so much fun and looking forward to my December gigs!!! As I am currently planning my next album recording and 2011 tours I have had to cut down on performances in December. However there is one  gig I am very excited about hosted by my musician friend Big Steve from The Arlenes, Nashville — so if you are around put 17th Dec in your diary!!! Poster below…. More gig news on this page

    17th December 2010 – – 8: 30pm – – Katy Carr supports The Arlenes @ The  Core Arts Xmas Party, 1 St. Barnabas Terrace, Homerton, London E9 6DJ

  • Katy Carr plays at the Lalka Launch Party

    Katy Carr's latest Newsletter – Oct / Nov 2010

    Katy Carr’s Newsletter  Oct/ Nov 2010

    Hello from Katy Carr
    Firstly thankyou to Poland and to all my Polish friends for making my research trip and concerts in the early part of October so very enjoyable between 1st and 12th October. I spent some days in Warsaw with my album artist designer Susan Burghart. We visited many places of interest and took lots of photos. Susan has a good idea of what I want my next album artwork to look like and I am very excited and pleased.
    From Warsaw I was then driven to Bialowieza to my friend Olimpia’s house and was again very well fed and looked after. We ventured into the Białowieża Forest (National Park; Polish: Białowieski Park Narodowy) in Podlaskie Voivodship in Poland at the border with Belarus. This Park is on the UNESCO World Heritage List so it is a very special environmental area. We glimpsed bison grazing, wild boar, many varieties of mushrooms and also the footprints of wolves.
  • Katy Carr's Newsletter Sept / Oct 2010

    Katy Carr’s Newsletter Sept / Oct 2010

    Hello from Katy Carr –

    Summer has ended and autumn is upon us. Golden leaves, shorter days and of course more rainier moments here in London Town. People sigh as they need to wear jumpers and warm coats and carry umbrellas everywhere…. Some of us have suffered from ‘change of the weather’ fluey type affairs with sore throats and coughing and spluttering fits a sure reminder that winter is nigh!
    I have loved September 2010 and all the wonderful people I have met at my gigs …
  • Katy Carr's Newsletter Aug /Sept 2010

    Hello from Katy Carr

    Summer, summer, summer —- stay with us a little bit longer!!!! > just looking outside onto the streets of Marylebone this morning at 8am and yes it looks like London in November again — grey sky, rain pouring down, people rushing in and out of shop doorways and hailing taxis for fear of getting their clothes drenched in sudden downpours. It is beautiful in terms of poetry to see raindrops falling like glistening pennies to the ground but we rain sufficient Britons love and want more of the glorious summer sunshine please……
  • Katy Carr's Newsletter July /Aug 2010

    Hello from Katy Carr – July 2010 has been a GREAT GREAT month and I have met lots of very lovely people on this side of the Atlantic and across the water…  North Carolina and Georgia and the southern States of America embraced me with open arms at the beginning of the month and I very much welcome another trip there. The people I met were fantastic as well as the learning I gained about the land and the struggles many endured in previous times.

    a fun pic below courtesy and thanks to Melinda G
  • Katy Carr's Newsletter June 2010

    Hello from Katy Carr,

    Hope you have all had a merry month of May – the transitional month where we depart the youthful, freshness of spring to bring forth the glory and joy of our summer months in the northern hemisphere of Mother Earth….

  • Katy Carr's newsletter Dec 30th 2009

    Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou 2009! and hearty cheers to all of you good people. Wishing you a very, merry festive season and may all your dreams come true in 2010 – just think a decade ago we were celebrating the beginning of a new century, how time flies….

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    Katy Carr's newsletter November / December 2009

    Hello from Katy Carr and The Aviators – Eleni Hassabis, Lyndsay Evans and Steph Patten x x x

    We hope you are all keeping well and having a lovely time. Thank-you for choosing to remain on our email list and look forward to sharing further musical happenings with you through this monthly newsletter.
    We hope to see you at our next gigs including tonight at The Paradise Bar in Kilburn xxxxxx