• Katy Carr's Newsletter July /Aug 2010

    Hello from Katy Carr – July 2010 has been a GREAT GREAT month and I have met lots of very lovely people on this side of the Atlantic and across the water…  North Carolina and Georgia and the southern States of America embraced me with open arms at the beginning of the month and I very much welcome another trip there. The people I met were fantastic as well as the learning I gained about the land and the struggles many endured in previous times.

    a fun pic below courtesy and thanks to Melinda G
  • Katy Carr's Newsletter June 2010

    Hello from Katy Carr,

    Hope you have all had a merry month of May – the transitional month where we depart the youthful, freshness of spring to bring forth the glory and joy of our summer months in the northern hemisphere of Mother Earth….

  • Katy Carr's newsletter Dec 30th 2009

    Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou 2009! and hearty cheers to all of you good people. Wishing you a very, merry festive season and may all your dreams come true in 2010 – just think a decade ago we were celebrating the beginning of a new century, how time flies….

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    Katy Carr's newsletter November / December 2009

    Hello from Katy Carr and The Aviators – Eleni Hassabis, Lyndsay Evans and Steph Patten x x x

    We hope you are all keeping well and having a lovely time. Thank-you for choosing to remain on our email list and look forward to sharing further musical happenings with you through this monthly newsletter.
    We hope to see you at our next gigs including tonight at The Paradise Bar in Kilburn xxxxxx