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  • 8/10 star review in Whiserin and Hollerin ‘Coquette’ [2009]

    Whiserin and Hollerin 8/10 ‘CARR, KATY’ ‘COQUETTE’ from Whisperin and Hollerin – Label: ‘DELUCE RECORDINGS (’ – Genre: ‘Pop’ – Release Date: ‘9th November 2009′ Our Rating: It’s always dangerous to judge a book by the cover, but it must be said that the signals given out by KATY CARR’S first album since 2003’s ‘Passion […]

  • Netrhythms review of ‘Coquette’ [2009]

    I have to say that on first listen I found it easier to admire than warm to former RAF pilot Carr’s third album, but there’s no denying its ambition or her well crafted approach to alt folk. A thematic concept work, it’s inspired by and about stories from 40s Britain, France, Germany and Poland while […]

  • 4 /5 star review at of ‘Coquette’ [2009]

    If listening to an album from start to finish is becoming a thing of the past, online radio stations, song-shuffling and diminished attention spans should toll the death knell for concept albums. But with the release this year of The Decemberists’ masterful folk-rock opera The Hazards Of Love and Katy Carr’s new release, Coquette, a […]

  • 8/10 review in Americana UK of ‘Coquette’ [2009]

    Spectral chanteuse stirs wartime ghosts ‘Coquette’ is a record that has come unstuck in time. It’s a World War II concept album, one imbued with sensuality and loss and passion, not so much evoking as conjuring the period, its sounds and smells, its ghosts. But it’s not a stoic, stuffy period piece. Actually it’s one […]

  • Bearded Magazine review of ‘Coquette’ [2009]

    Bearded Magazine Those magnificent men in their flying machines… Katy Carr is such a fan that she’s written an album on the theme. Lyrically, Coquette is a Second World War concept piece, paying tribute to the brave chaps who helped save our bacon in the Battle of Britain, and the women who inspired them to […]

  • Organ Magazine review of ‘Coquette’ [2009]

    Organ Magazine KATY CARR – Coquette (Deluce) – This third Katy Carr album is a delicate delight. A new album alive with gentle glowing songs, with soothing words, with little twists somewhere in there with those flighty butter wouldn’t melt lyrics and that velvety voice of hers. Not so delicate that you can’t really grab […]

  • Record Collector review of ‘Coquette’ [2009]

    The Amelia Earhart of alt folk in full flight… A former RAF pilot celebrating the “beautiful feminine energy” of old school glamour icons such as Katharine Hepburn and Ginger Rogers, there may be a danger that Carr’s intriguing back story could distract from her actual music. Presenting herself as a kind of alt folk burlesque […]

  • Penny Black Music Review of ‘Coquette’ [2009]

    It seems like a perfect time for Katy Carr to release a themed album looking back at the World War II musical sweethearts like Vera Lynn and Gracie Fields. Not only is it around the time of Remembrance Day but Lynn has also recently had chart success when she could very easily be resting up […]

  • 4/5 star review in Subba Cultcha for ‘Coquette’ [2009]

    4/5 Subba Cultcha Katy Carr returns with her third independent release Coquette; enchanting and powerful, it’s her most complete and compelling work to date Inspired by themes and stories from Britain, France, Germany and Poland in the 1940s, comes the third musing from London singer/ songwriter Katy Carr.  Coquette was recorded in a bedroom studio in Muswell […]

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    4/5 star review in the Daily Express for ‘Coquette’ [2009]

    4/5 Daily Express HAUNTING: Carr’s songs have spectral atmosphere COQUETTE is an original and fascinating work. Carr celebrates the “beautiful feminine energy” of war-time icons Gracie Fields, Katharine Hepburn and Ginger Rogers, evoking their resilience, beauty and eroticism in the most haunting and uncanny ways. The songs have spectral atmospheres and cover various themes: White […]