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  • How to merge two google calendars

    to all those who have asked me recently…. I believe this could sove your problems and help you merge your selected calendars: Go to Google Calendar, Choose any account and click “Calendar settings” from the drop down arrow to the right of the calendar, click HTML from the “Calendar address :“, then choose “use our […]

  • I love Vanessa Wolf Hoyle 's new short film story entitled 'The Mock Mother'

    ‘The Mock Mother,’ story by Vanessa Wolf Hoyle CLICK LINK TO VIEW  ——   THE MOCK MOTHER Film maker: muckypuppetsfilms Synopsis:   Twins Harry and Stella ignore Mummy’s story of what happens when naughty children misbehave and wreak havoc! They will be in for a shocking surprise when the Mock Mother pays them a visit. Genre: […]

  • Katy Carr Interview with

    Katy Carr Interview with


    Katy Carr Interview

    Mainstream music can often see the industry over run with extremely commercial content, which doesn’t resemble anything near deep and meaningful lyrics. However, with small events, and even the big international festivals endorsing small and upcoming artists, the summer season is a particularly good chance to discover some amazing new artists. One of these talented young individuals is Katy Carr. A quirky style, and a gorgeous raw tone will make you want to listen to her music over and over. I caught up with Katy to find out more.

  • Lovely Review of Katy Carr's 'Coquette' by Jon Rogers on Pennyblack music

    just found this lovely review of ‘Coquette’ my last album on penny black music x x kc

    It seems like a perfect time for Katy Carr to release a themed album looking back at the World War II musical sweethearts like Vera Lynn and Gracie Fields. Not only is it around the time of Remembrance Day but Lynn has also recently had chart success when she could very easily be resting up in a relaxed retirement…..

  • Story of a Secret State, My Report to the World by Jan Karski

    Story of a Secret State: My Report to the World by Jan Karski – review

    Written as a cry for help from Nazi-occupied Poland, Jan Karski’s wartime memoir now tragically reads like a 40s espionage thriller

    Jan Karski

    Jan Karski: his attempts to bring Poland’s plight to the attention of allied leaders failed. Photograph: Reuters/Popperfoto

    When Jan Karski first published his chronicle of Polish resistance to the Nazis in 1944, all he hoped for was to ensure that Churchill and Roosevelt did not forget oppressed Poland. Apart from a tormenting interlude in a Gestapo prison, Karski had spent the years since 1939 crisscrossing Europe as a courier for the underground; he witnessed casual genocide in the Warsaw ghetto, and was smuggled into a concentration camp dressed as an Estonian guard to watch Jews being herded into railway carriages that were coated in advance with quicklime, which (he claims) corroded their flesh and ate them alive – an inexpensive prescription for mass murder, conserving precious canisters of Zyklon B.

  • Katy Carr plays Northampton Rural Arts 7th May 2011

    7th May 2011, Katy Carr and the Aviators are excited to be playing at Hannington Village Hall, School Lane, Hannington, Northants, NN6 9ST

    Katy Carr and the Aviators present… ‘The Escapologist Tour‘ 29th March – 2nd July 2011 DATE : Saturday 7th May [Escapologist] LOCATION : 7.30pm Hannington Village Hall, School Lane, Hannington, Northants, NN6 9ST ‘The Escapologist Tour,’ is dedicated to the honour of Kazimierz ‘Kazik’ Piechowski, a Polish Scout who in June 1942 escaped from Auschwitz […]

  • Katy Carr on An Unfair-Fare Dodge Railway Adventure

    An Unfair-Fare Dodge Railway Adventure

    An Unfair-Fare Dodge Railway Adventure

    On Saturday 16th April, Climate Rush organised an Unfair-Fare Dodge from London Bridge to Canterbury, dressed as The Railway Children, to campaign against the 31% rise in train and public transport fares in the next 3 years – whilst the aviation industry keeps being subsidised and given tax-breaks. A standard ticket to Canterbury is over £25 = the same milage on a train in France would be £7 = if you swipe your Oyster Card, get on the train to Canterbury, stay at the platform and then go back, you get fined the same £7 by TfL = hence, The Unfair-Fare Dodge. The buntings of cross-stitchings were made by The Craftivist Collective during sit-ins in major stations in the UK in the run-up to the Railway Adventure. Ukulele and voice by Katy Carr. [16th April 2011]

  • Katy Carr in Dziennik Polski 8th April 2011

    Kazik Piechowski and Katy Carr Article in the Polish DailyDziennik Polski ‘Element wywrotowy’ Autor: Piotr Gulbicki

    Element wywrotowy 20 czerwca 1942 roku, wieczór. Jednostki niemieckiej policji i gestapo zostają postawione na nogi, ucieczka czterech więźniów z Auschwitz-Birkenau kilka godzin wcześniej odbiła się szerokim echem. Tak wśród Niemców, jak i Polków. Tym bardziej, że uciekinierzy za bramy okrytego ponurą sławą obozu wyjechali esesmańskim samochodem, przebrani w esesmańskie mundury. Chodzące trupy „Ocalałeś nie […]

  • Katy Carr's third album Coquette Front Cover

    6th May 2011 Katy Carr is on today’s Guardian F&M Playlist

    The Guardian’s F&M Playlist

    Our music team pick the songs or albums, old or new, they just can’t turn off –

    Katy Carr Orchidophile How great a word is “orchidophile”? London alt-folkie Katy Carr’s song is delicate, tremulous and accented by a violinist with a light touch, the effect being completely orchidaceous. Caroline Sullivan Katy Carr's third album Coquette Front Cover