18th Nov 2012 – The Sunday Times Culture Magazine gave Katy Carr's album 'Paszport,' a glowing review…

‘Following the singer on her journey is like plunging into one of Norman Davies’s books about redrawing the map of Europe. Carr wants us to look east, specifically to Poland, her mother’s homeland. Ambitious, quirky and rich in folk melodies, the vignettes give us a glimpse into the psyche of a country that has maintained its sanity – and its sense of humour – in the face of endless turmoil. Carr’s pure, unaffected voice rises to the challenge, and the arrangements (featuring violin, cello, keyboards, brass and whistle) are never less than immaculate.’

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  1. Katy Carr is more fabulous than words can describe, she has a great voice & her music/lyrics are very impressive; her performance brings out very strong emotions and longing for the mother country in all Polish born immigrants, wherever they might be… Katy, you are number one Polish patriot on Polish/English/World scene! And we love you for that, never give up, please… Merry Christmas & very Happy, Successful New Year! Hugs,
    Basia Barker

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